Amnesty International addresses the Kazemi government and sends it several messages

Amnesty International addresses the Kazemi government and sends it several messages

9/5/2020 14:59

Amnesty International addresses the Kazemi government and sends it several messages[Baghdad-Ain]
On Saturday, Amnesty International sent an open letter to the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, which included several messages regarding human rights and the demands of protesters and displaced persons.
In a new open letter, Amnesty International said that the new government formed in Iraq must ensure that human rights are at the center of its agenda, and change its position on impunity for decades.

In a letter to new Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, after the government was sworn in yesterday (7 May), Amnesty International highlighted persistent concerns regarding the lack of accountability for the authorities ’violent response to last year’s protests, and early this year, in The aftermath of the conflict against the armed group calling itself the “Islamic State”; likewise, concerns about the Covid-19 epidemic, and domestic violence.

“This new government has an opportunity to ensure that human rights are promoted and protected in Iraq, after years of horrific violations,” said Razao Salehi, an Iraq researcher for Amnesty International.

“The Iraqi people have paid a heavy price for decades of impunity, and so far they have only repeated hollow promises by the authorities. We welcome the government’s commitment to hold accountable those responsible for killing protesters, and to give priority to meeting the needs of the internally displaced.”

Salehi stressed the need to “turn these promises now into immediate and meaningful measures, including addressing social and economic grievances that the Iraqi people have suffered for so long.”

Covid-19 virus epidemic and domestic violence To

address the ongoing Covid-19 virus epidemic, Iraq has been partially closed, which has led to an increase in cases of domestic violence.

“The rise in cases of domestic violence reported by the media and civil society organizations – which in some cases led to the death of some women and the severity of a girl’s injury – requires immediate action by the government to ensure that women and girls can access basic services, and provide Protection for them. ”

Response to protests

Late last year and early this year, protests in the country were met with a brutal response by the authorities, resulting in the unlawful killing of hundreds of people, and thousands of injuries.

According to Amnesty International research, security forces, including elements of the Popular Mobilization Units, as well as unidentified gunmen, have largely attacked peaceful protesters with live ammunition, hunting rifles, and live bullets corresponding to snipers, tear gas, and water cannons .

Amnesty International called on the government to expedite the suppression of the security forces and to initiate a comprehensive and independent investigation into the killings. The letter adds: The authorities had months to change course away from the use of violent repression. The new government must reassure protesters that they have the right to expect that the security forces will protect them, not kill them and distort them arbitrarily, and that their government will address their grievances, especially their demands to meet their social and economic rights.

Post-conflict against the “Islamic State”

The speech also addressed many issues related to the struggle against the “Islamic State”, including the collective punishment of internally displaced Iraqis who are believed to have a supposed connection to the “Islamic State”, and the fate of thousands of men and boys who They were forcibly disappeared by the security forces during the conflict, impunity for human rights violations by all parties to the conflict, and crimes against ethnic and religious minorities in northern Iraq.