Al-Amiri reveals what Al-Kazemi promised to parliament and when to resolve the remaining ministries {expanded}

Al-Amiri reveals what Al-Kazemi promised to parliament and when to resolve the remaining ministries {expanded}

05/08/2020 01:38:15

Al-Amiri reveals what Al-Kazemi promised to parliament and when to resolve the remaining ministries{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The MP revealed the alliance of Saeroon Ghayb al-Amiri, a promise made by Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi to parliamentarians during the confidence-building session of his government, and the fact that foreign funds were paid to Mendesin to denounce the demonstrations.
Al-Omairi said while he was a guest on the program “Fawk Al-Shath” that was broadcast by {Al-Furat Satellite TV} that “this government will be different and all indications of this thing, such as consensus on Al-Kazemi, the spirit of friendliness and the presence of representatives significantly,” noting that “all previous governments have failed and there is consensus On this matter, all political blocs from 2003 to this day bear responsibility, but in relative terms, because the powers are for the prime minister and whoever is at the top of the pyramid. ”

He added that “the second term of the head of the coalition of the rule of law, Nuri al-Maliki, and technically we are still living its negatives to the point of this moment, such as the constitution and its misinterpretation and the fall of a third of Iraq in the hands of ISIS, and we are living this matter until now,” noting that “if Maliki used the second mandate well to achieve things Many to the country. ”

He pointed out that “some deputies from the state of law entered the parliament, but formally the state of law and the National Coalition are not supportive of the new government,” noting that “the large attendance of the deputies was attractive and remarkable, and the distinguished thing is also that the ministers obtained a large percentage of votes, and there are ministers who obtained a consensus and who They didn’t pass, it was very little voting. ”

He explained the reasons that “there was an extensive study of the curriculum vitae of the candidates for the ministries after the names were leaked, and this is important for you to vote for a minister you know well.”

Al-Omairi said that “Al-Kazemi is not of the type who talks a lot, but this matter we hope will be reflected in his actions and his message was short but effective and we hope that he will be able to implement what he promised.” He pointed out that “the parliament promised periodic meetings with representatives of the People’s Assembly.”

Al-Amiri stressed the necessity that “Al-Kazimi benefit strongly from this great support in the mandate and support of deputies in order to convince everyone that he is able to lead Iraq at this stage and there are great challenges facing Al-Kazemi. There is a stifling economic crisis and Iraq depends 90 percent on oil and its prices have decreased a lot. This is the most important challenge that he faces, as well as the health file represented by Corona, and we thank God that Iraq was not affected greatly, and there are health cadres that provided an exceptional role that parallels what the security forces provided during the fight against ISIS.

He explained that “the remaining ministries there is no disagreement over the ministry’s mention, but there is a disagreement over the names and in the event of changing the names it is easy to pass, and the disagreement is only on oil and foreign affairs,” stressing that “Al-Kazemi promised that the names of the replacement ministers will be ready before Eid Al-Fitr.”

And that “the Kurds want to keep Fuad Hussein and his name may be posed, but it is difficult for him to pass and there are personal positions of the deputies against him, and the Kurdish leaders may understand this refusal and deal with it positively.”

Al-Omairi said that “such as the Shiite component did not represent him in the best representation and lost his audience and my fear that he will lose his position in the political process is coming years and the reason is perhaps the politicians of the first generation. He knows what is going on there, “noting that” there is also a responsibility for us, the new generation, but everyone knows that who led Iraq during the previous period is the first generation, which is the reason for the Shiite component losing its status and losing its most basic rights. ”

Regarding the resignation of former Health Minister Alaeddin Al-Alwan, Al-Amiri stressed that “Al-Alwan is the best Iraqi minister and the Iraqis are losing a lot in it and what is happening is that the other people who pressed him are not correct and he did not specify the pressing parties.”

Regarding Turkish hospitals, he pointed out that “the new health minister promised to complete Turkish hospitals within 3 months, and the problem with these hospitals is because of the company itself and not because of the ministers.”

And that “Turkey is reluctant because the patients go to their country in order to convert the hard currency to there because if hospitals are completed, the Iraqi patient will be treated here and the hard currency will remain in the country.”

On the demonstrations of Nasiriyah, Al-Amiri confirmed that “most of the demonstrations were Nasiriyah were peaceful and the former leader of Nasiriyah operations, Jamil al-Shammari, dealt harshly with the protesters of Nasiriyah. : “We look forward to seeing the results of the investigation into the massacre of the protesters of Nasiriyah after Al-Kazemi took over.”

He pointed out that “some of the infiltrators were the cause of the violence in Dhi Qar Governorate, and it affected government institutions and buildings, and there were people who received money from exchange in Dhi Qar Governorate, to which funds were transferred from outside the country for violence operations,” noting that “one of these sources is from a country Kuwait”.

He stressed that “Al-Kazemi definitely knows all this information, and the demonstrators were in constant contact with him.” is over