A deputy for Al-Hikma reveals the truth about granting his current 3 ministries to Al-Kazemi’s government

A deputy for Al-Hikma reveals the truth about granting his current 3 ministries to Al-Kazemi’s government

4/28/2020 15:20

A deputy for Al-Hikma reveals the truth about granting his current 3 ministries to Al-Kazemis government[Baghdad-Ain]
The deputy of the al-Hikma stream, Ali al-Aboudi, revealed the fact that Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kazimi granted three ministries in his government to the current led by Ammar al-Hakim.
Al-Aboudi said in a televised interview, “What was said on a TV program yesterday about Al-Kazemi giving three ministries to the stream of wisdom in the new government is incorrect.”

With regard to the negotiations of its formation, he said that “there is confusion in resolving this file, as the party responsible for presenting the prime minister consumes many candidates,” noting that “Al-Kazemi’s path is not paved with roses and there are regional challenges that cast their shadow before and after the demobilization.”

He added, “The space that was given to Al-Kazemi after his appointment is good, but the suspicion led to his stumbling,” noting that “Al-Kazemi’s withdrawal from the task of forming the government is a possibility.”

Regarding what is being talked about about a trend to prolong the caretaker government for political goals, the representative of Al-Hikma stressed that “there are those who want the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi to remain, despite being paralyzed and not fully competent for special purposes and interests,” noting that “this government will remain In the event that Al-Kazemi’s cabin is not passed, but this would be a sign of weakness in the political process. ”

He continued, “The experience of the independent prime minister and the independent minister failed in Iraq, and the evidence is the government of Abdul Mahdi, because the resigned minister is exposed to the contributions of political forces, and the economic offices in the ministries control the scene.”

Al-Aboudi stressed that “the new government will not pass unless the Al-Fateh Agreement and the rest of the party are the two with the greatest weight, and both say it is the largest bloc.”

He revealed during his talk about “holding a (current) meeting with the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi at the home of the head of the Al-Fath Alliance Hadi al-Amiri, to change the names of the ministerial cabinet, which received great comments from political forces.”
The leader of the Sadrist movement, the governor of Zamili, revealed, on Sunday 4-4-2020, during his talk to a television program on Al Sharqiya TV channel, about “the protesters walking against the names mentioned in the Al-Kazemi formation”, explaining that “some of them represent small blocks, and 3 of them are counted as victory Two are wise and we do not think they were nominated by the two parties. Also, there is an objection to the re-nomination of the Minister of Finance, and there is a Kurdish insistence on his nomination. ”
Concerning the role of walkers in the government of Adel Abdel-Mahdi, Al-Zamili commented: “Abdel-Mahdi accounted for the other 4 ministries in the government and they were named by the resigned prime minister and we did not pressure them all, including the ministers of oil, health and electricity, and some of them tried to cross-examine him based on files and this is evidence of We have not affected them. ”