A source reveals the name of the candidate who is likely to be announced tonight

A source reveals the name of the candidate who is likely to be announced tonight

3/15/2020 14:00

A source reveals the name of the candidate who is likely to be announced tonight{Baghdad _ Where} A political source revealed the name of the new candidate who will be assigned to form the next government.
The source said, “The Seven Committee of the Shiite political forces have agreed to choose the candidate {Naim Al-Suhail] to succeed the head of the caretaker government and resigned Adel Abdul-Mahdi,” indicating that “his presentation to the presidency and his assignment will be today or tomorrow, Tuesday.”
While informed sources suggested that “{Naim Al-Suhail] will not be able to form his government and cross it through Parliament due to many circumstances and developments.”
The head of Sanad’s parliamentary bloc, Ahmed Al-Asadi, said today Sunday that tonight the name of the prime minister will be announced.
Al-Asadi said in a tweet on his Twitter account, “In the coming hours, the Seven Committee will decide its decision regarding choosing the appropriate person to form the interim government and submit it for final approval.”
He added that “the challenges are common to everyone … and wasting time is not in anyone’s interest … tonight, the name of the taxpayer will be announced … and we will stand with him all for success.”
It is noteworthy that the second constitutional deadline for selecting a candidate for prime minister ends tomorrow, Tuesday.
While the constitution gives the President of the Republic a 15-day deadline to appoint an alternative candidate, this deadline, which ends tomorrow, will then enter the country after a constitutional breach, unless a candidate is agreed upon.

An informed source stated, “The President of the Republic cannot extend, because the constitution does not allow him to do so at all, and because he does not want to be a party to an equation governed by the political forces concerned with nominating a prime minister.”

The source added, “The President of the Republic may not resort to assigning any candidate he deems appropriate for this period, because he takes into account the balance as well as the size of the blocs in Parliament, and the inability of a person to pass the vote inside the dome of Parliament unless it is satisfactory to him from the majority of the blocs; but he may come out with a position Clear so as not to bear the partnership in falling into constitutional breach. ”