Deputy: “The Seven Committee” will send the names of three candidates to the presidency soon

Deputy: “The Seven Committee” will send the names of three candidates to the presidency soon

03/14/2020 10:01

Deputy - The Seven Committee will send the names of three candidates to the presidency soonBaghdad today – Baghdad

On Friday (March 13, 2020), the representative of Al-Hikma Movement, Salem Al-Tufayli, confirmed that the recently formed Seven Committee will send three candidates in the coming days to the presidency to assign one of them .

And Tufaili said in an interview singled out (Baghdad today), that “the Seven Committee, which was formed by the Shiite political forces, started its work since its formation and is working to choose three candidates from the names that were brought before it .”

He added that “the names that will be chosen will be sent to the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, in order to choose one of them and assign him the tasks of forming the next transitional government .”

And that “Iraq is going through an exceptional situation and it needs a strong and firm prime minister in his decisions, especially towards the recent American aggression that targeted the Iraqi military units.”

On Wednesday (11 March 2020), the deputy for the National Approach, Hussein Al-Aqabi, revealed two basic tasks for the Seven Committee, which was recently formed and charged with resolving the specifications and naming of the transitional prime minister, while he revealed a position to resolve the issue of resigning the resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi .

Al-Aqabi said in a statement to the “Viewpoint” program presented by the media Nabil Jassem on the Degla satellite channel, “The Seven Committee is a step in the right direction, and came to eliminate political fragmentation throughout the past year and a half, which brought the political reality to this difficult and closed situation,” pointing to The “Seven-Hour Meeting” is an important opportunity to reach a comprehensive Shiite settlement that will end or reduce the estrangement between the leaders .

He added that “there is an agreement between most political forces to reject the extension of Abdul-Mahdi,” noting that “those who adhere to Abdul-Mahdi have a weak position and confine themselves to a narrow angle .”

Al-Aqabi added, “There are those who are pushing for the appointment of a political figure to the prime minister to ensure its passage in Parliament,” noting that “the political forces agreed to remove any international pressure to name the new prime minister .”

And that “trust was shaken between the political forces and the people, and the authority must return to the people,” pointing out that “the meetings of the political forces last night did not reach a specific personality until now .”