The Prime Minister’s advisor for financial affairs reveals a “single” solution to pass the budget

The Prime Minister’s advisor for financial affairs reveals a “single” solution to pass the budget

02/03/2020 16:12 611

The Prime Ministers advisor for financial affairs reveals a single solution to pass the budgetBaghdad today – follow up

Mazhar Muhammad Salih, the prime minister’s financial advisor, on Monday (March 02, 2020) saw that the only solution to pass the budget was to restructure it.

And the official news agency quoted Saleh as saying: “Structuring the budget and returning it to the first square is the only solution to pass it,” noting that “the deficit is not solved except with a financial operation and needs sacrifices.”

He added, “The House of Representatives has the task of reviewing the legislations issued from 2003 to today that have significant unchangeable financial consequences.”

“In the event that the budget is not restructured and no alternatives and other solutions are found, it is likely that it will not be approved this year, and current investments and expenditures will remain current, and dependence will be on the amount of revenue only,” Saleh said.

He continued, “The deficit exceeded fifty trillion dinars, and there is no compensation for it other than debt and the country cannot bear other debts.”

And a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Investment, Nada Shaker Jawdat, demanded on Sunday (March 01, 2020) the House of Representatives to hold the resigning Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi accounted for the reasons for the deficit in the country’s draft general federal budget law for 2020.

Jawdat said in an interview with him (Baghdad today), that “Iraq depends in its economy only on oil, without any intention or intention on the part of officials to diversify the country’s economic resources.”

She added that “industry and agriculture are fragile and destructive sectors as a result of wrong economic policies”, pointing out that “the House of Representatives was unable in the previous period to question the ministers as a result of their protection by the political blocs and parties.”

She pointed out that “the government of Abdul-Mahdi received Iraq and its budget there is a large surplus, but with the imminence of his exit from power, it appeared that there is a large deficit that reached nearly 48 trillion dinars in the draft budget for 2020.”

And it called on the parliament “to hold Abdel Mahdi accountable for the exchange doors that he adopted in the 2019 budget and led to a deficit in the draft law 2020″.