The text of Muhammad Allawi’s letter to the President of the Republic regarding his apology for assigning the government

The text of Muhammad Allawi’s letter to the President of the Republic regarding his apology for assigning the government


The text of Muhammad Allawis letter to the President of the Republic regarding his apology for assigning the governmentThe text of the letter of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to the President of the Republic on his apology for assigning the government

Below is the text of the message:

Honorable President of the Republic,

Peace, mercy and blessings of God..

Respecting the confidence of your dear Excellency and the commitment that I made to my patient people, I address this speech to your sovereignty and our people.

When I was assigned I had promised the people that I would leave the assignment in the event that political pressure was put in place for the purpose of passing a specific agenda on the government that I intend to form, and therefore my decision was to form an independent government in order to work without partisan obligations or pressure to accelerate the implementation of the people’s demands and that I am fully aware That insisting on this condition would cost me to pass my government because the entities that were sunk in corruption and traded in sectarian and ethnic will be the first affected … and if I had made the concessions I would now be direct to my work as Prime Minister of Iraq, but with all this I tried in every possible way to save our country from Slipping into the unknown and to solve the crisis Insulted, but during the negotiations, I collided with many things that did not take place in the cause of the nation and its interest in anything. God attests to me that I did not concede and did not present the private interests in the interest of the country, but unfortunately some parties were negotiating only in order to obtain narrow interests without a sense of the national issue, And without any regard for the blood of the martyrs that fell in the skies of demonstrating in order to change the situation and achieve the elevation of the country and its prosperity.

For this His Excellency the President, I was in front of an equation …. the position of Prime Minister in exchange for lack of honesty with my people and continuing the position at the expense of his suffering, so the choice was simple and clear is to be with my patient people, especially when I saw that some political parties are not serious about reform and fulfill their promises to the people and Putting obstacles in the way of the birth of an independent government working for the homeland was clear, from the failure to achieve the quorum for two consecutive times to campaigns of slander, lying, and falsification of facts, up to this day, and we do not know then where the traffickers can reach their concerns of our people.

Therefore, allow me to raise you to your Excellency, my apologies for assigning you, please accept it

Here is my message to dear MPs

Thank you to those who stood up and supported me without asking for positions and allow me to tell you that you are in front of a historical secretariat that does not relate to your affiliation or your party and does not even relate to you but rather relates to Iraq alone, this trust requires you to take the lead and take your primary role in order to impose your vision To correct things, the decision is your decision, not someone else’s decision. Whoever negotiates in your name seeks a position and ministry for his own interests, not for a party or component ..

And to my dear people, keep pushing through your peaceful demonstrations so that your sacrifices are not lost in vain, and I will return to the ranks of my people as an Iraqi who did not compromise on his principles and issues, and I ask God Almighty to grant you success in his care and care and to preserve our dear Iraq from every misfortune.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

your brother

Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi