The Alliance of Forces warns Allawi’s government against marginalizing the Sunni component and threatens to make a “historic decision”

The Alliance of Forces warns Allawi’s government against marginalizing the Sunni component and threatens to make a “historic decision”

2/17/2020 10:09

The Alliance of Forces warns Allawis government against marginalizing the Sunni component and threatens to make a historic decision[Baghdad-Ain]
The National Forces Alliance, headed by Muhammad al-Halbousi, warned the government of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, who is in charge of the prime minister, against marginalizing the Sunni component, while threatening to take a “historic decision” in the event that it is done.

His spokesman, Faleh Al-Issawi, explained in a press statement that “Allawi’s government cannot be passed without representing the components, not the parties, and ignores the constitution,” expecting that it will fall within months if it passes by a comfortable majority within the parliament dome, pointing out that “we are trying to pass this government.” Sunni Kurdish Shiite consensus. ”

He added, “Any independent minister will be unsuccessful in managing his ministry at the current stage because he will not find support from the political blocs.”

Al-Issawi added, “The Allawi government will not proceed without consulting or coordinating with the coalition of forces in ministerial representation, and if it does not happen, we will go to historical and fateful decisions,” adding, “We have an electoral entitlement and insist that Allawi observe the national balance in the government cabinet.”

He stressed the Allawi government, “by ensuring the integrity of early elections that need to impose the prestige of the state and not to compromise the results of future elections and preserve the freedom of the voter,” suggesting “clear coordination with all components to ensure the strength of the government and its broader legislation to serve the Iraqi people.”

Al-Issawi described Allawi’s mission to confine arms to the state’s hand as “difficult”, stressing “the country’s need for measures and strength from political leaders to end this matter and prepare for early elections in a safe environment.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Alliance of Forces warned the prime minister-designate of “the Sunni component going to the opposition wing and using all legal and constitutional frameworks to represent it.”

Al-Issawi commented on the joint statement of Masoud Barzani and Al-Halbousi, saying, “The six points were discussed with the Kurdish leaders and there is coordination between the powerful alliance and the Kurdistan Democratic Party for the geography of the western and northern provinces.”

And that “the discussion was clear and there is a section of points that Al-Halbousi did not speak; but what is certain in the meeting is that the Democrat presented a set of points that included the joint statement, including the formation of the transitional government that will establish a political system to come for many years.”

The head of the National Forces Alliance, Muhammad al-Halbousi, arrived in the Kurdistan region today, Sunday.

He met upon his arrival, the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, and discussed the dimensions of the current situation and the political crisis that Iraq is going through, including the formation of the government, and in light of this meeting the two parties agreed on the following points:

1. Working with all political forces to get out of the current impasse.

2. That the government be representative of all components of Iraq.

3. That the government program include a clear vision in preparing for the early elections.

4. That the government program includes a clear plan to restore prestige to state institutions.

5. Continued cooperation with the International Coalition to assist Iraq to counter the threat of terrorism.

6. Work to continue coordinating positions between the two parties and the rest of the partners.