Urgent text of the political sermon for religious reference

Urgent text of the political sermon for religious reference

7/2/2020 13:09

Urgent text of the political sermon for religious reference[Karbala-Ain] The
text of the second sermon delivered by the representative of the Supreme Religious Authority Sayyid Ahmad al-Safi on Friday (12 / Jumada al-Akhera / 1441 AH) corresponding to (7/2/2020)

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dear brothers and sisters,

we read to you the text of what we received from the office of His Eminence Sayyid (as long as it is shaded) in Najaf: It

is necessary to mention two things related to the events of this week:

First: Despite the repeated calls made by the religious authority about the necessity of rejecting Violence and commitment to the peacefulness of the demonstrations, and the purification of the popular movement demanding reform are actions that harm the interests of people and lose the solidarity and sympathy of citizens, but this did not prevent unfortunate and painful incidents during the past days in which blood was unlawfully drained of blood, the last of which was what happened in the holy city of Najaf Wednesday evening To my past.

At a time when the religious authority condemns all the attacks and transgressions that occurred from any party, and attends the families who lost their loved ones as a result and calls for the wounded and the injured to recover quickly, it emphasizes what has already been indicated on another occasion that the official security forces are indispensable in avoiding Falling into the shafts of chaos and disturbing public order, it is they who must bear the responsibility of preserving security and stability, protecting the peaceful protest and protesters’ arenas, revealing aggressors and infiltrators, and preserving the interests of citizens from the attacks of saboteurs, and there is no justification for her to abandon her from carrying out her duties in this context, as well It is not justified to prevent it from doing so or to confront what is at the heart of its tasks, and it must act with complete professionalism and refrain from using violence in dealing with peaceful protests and prevent the transgression of its participants, and at the same time it prevents harming public or private property for any pretext or address.

Second: In the previous sermon, the religious authority set out its vision to overcome the current political crisis, and made it clear that the new government that replaces the resigned government must be worthy of the trust of the people and able to calm the situation and restore the prestige of the state and take the necessary steps to conduct early elections in a calm environment away from the effects Aside from money, illegal weapons or external interference, the religious authority asserts again that it is not concerned with interference or expressing an opinion on any of the details of the steps taken in this path.