The Anti-Corruption Council shocks Iraqis from stolen money smuggled abroad

The Anti-Corruption Council shocks Iraqis from stolen money smuggled abroad

1/29/2020 9:06 AM

The Anti-Corruption Council shocks Iraqis from stolen money smuggled abroad{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Supreme Council for Combating Corruption estimated the stolen funds smuggled from Iraq as parallel to the investment budgets approved since 2003 until now, revealing the willingness of France and the United Arab Emirates to cooperate in recovering these funds.
The observer council member Said Yassin Moussa , in a press statement that ” the Council has taken a huge number of measures, some of them for the executive branch and the other on Balthariaah,” pointing out that ” the recent events that took place in the country did not affect the functioning of the decisions of the Council , which is still under follow – up And execution. ”

He stressed Moses , ” the Council ‘s cooperation with the Council of the Judiciary and the Integrity Commission -bossvhma the head of spearhead in the fight against Malversation through the Departments of Prevention and Recovery , ” noting that ” the procedures take place outside Iraq regarding file recovery, there are significant issues need to achieve administrative.”

Moussa added that “the file of recovering the smuggled money needs a kind of wisdom, wisdom and patience,” noting that “the ease of depositing the stolen money in banks outside Iraq creates a great difficulty in recovering it, as some of them may need for a period of up to 15 years”, setting an example in The state of Algeria “that has experience in recovering its money after it spent on legal advice and travel money equivalent to the value of the money stolen from it, but it wanted to consolidate the state’s sovereignty and respect only public funds.”

Moses estimated the value of the looted money, as “equivalent to the total investment budgets approved in Iraq since 2003 until now,” noting that “Iraq already participated in a workshop with seven countries concerning money laundering and smuggling problem, being one of those countries that suffer from the problems that the Its effect was the issuance of the Anti- Money Laundering Law at the Central Bank to meet the international requirements of banks and financial management .

The observer member of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption pointed to “the presence of Emirati and French cooperation to recover the stolen money from Iraq,” adding that “a meeting took place between the Director General of the Recovery Department and the head of the Emirates Accounting Bureau at one of the conferences and informed the latter of his country’s readiness to cooperate in this matter.”

Moussa continued: “Officials at the Ministry of Justice met with their counterparts from the Emirates side to discuss this file,” revealing ” serious steps from the French public prosecutor who expressed his full readiness to help Iraq recover its looted money.” is over

Ammar Al-Masoudi