Al-Araji: The China agreement does not exist and talking about it is merely a media fanatic

Al-Araji: The China agreement does not exist and talking about it is merely a media fanatic

01/16 2020 12:00

Al-Araji - The China agreement does not exist and talking about it is merely a media fanaticBaghdad today – Baghdad

The former Deputy Prime Minister, Bahaa Al-Araji, said that the China agreement does not exist, and talking about it is merely a media hype.

Al-Araji said in a tweet via Twitter, “More than two weeks ago, media fanaticism about the suspicions and problems of the so-called China agreement, knowing that no such agreement exists.”

And he added, “The catastrophe is that some of those who provoke this are politicians who are considered leaders of the country! God bless you, Iraq!”

The adviser to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, the appearance of Mohamed Saleh, revealed Tuesday (January 15, 2020), new details about the most prominent offer of the agreement between Iraq and China, indicating that the agreement will focus on the implementation of infrastructure projects.

Saleh said in a press statement, “The agreement includes the exchange of oil revenues for the implementation of projects in Iraq,” noting that “the Iraqi government opened a credit account in one of the sober Chinese banks to deposit oil revenues of 100,000 barrels per day within the Chinese agreement.”

He added that “this account is spent on companies that implement projects,” noting that “the agreement will focus on infrastructure projects such as schools, hospitals, roads, electricity and sanitation, to be determined through the Ministry of Planning and in coordination with the Council of Ministers.”

Saleh added that “the agreement will provide many job opportunities for the unemployed and give an opportunity to the Iraqi private sector companies, as well as relying on Iraqi products to implement projects such as cement, bricks, sand and others,” noting that “this will create significant economic development in the country.”

And that “the age of the agreement reaches 20 years, stressing that this agreement will revive the infrastructure of Iraq, which has been destroyed for four decades.”

On Sunday (January 12, 2020), the office of the caretaker head Adel Abdul-Mahdi sent generals to all ministries and governorates regarding the implementation of the Iraqi-Chinese agreement.

A document issued by Abdul-Mahdi’s office obtained by it (Baghdad today) stated that “the execution comes with the aim of following up the Iraqi-Chinese agreement and to update project data or add other projects.”

She added: “Please provide us with the relevant basic infrastructure projects and accurate detailed statements, provided that they include schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, water and sewage services, and any other projects.”