The New York Times talks about “new details” in the assassination of Soleimani and the engineer

The New York Times talks about “new details” in the assassination of Soleimani and the engineer

01/03/2020 13:00

The New York Times talks about new details in the assassination of Soleimani and the engineerBaghdad today – follow up

The American “New York Times”, Friday (January 03, 2019), revealed new details about the assassination of the commander of the “Quds Force” of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, and the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, and others in a US air strike near Baghdad airport. International Thursday evening.

In a report, the newspaper reported that a convoy in which the two men were subjected to missile strikes by a drone, carried out by the American “Joint Special Operations Command”.

The newspaper added that the strike came in the wake of a warning issued by US Defense Secretary Mark Esber Thursday afternoon to Iran that the US military would launch “preventive” strikes against the factions it supports in Iraq and Syria if there are “indications” that these factions are planning further attacks against American bases and military personnel in the region.

And she continued, that the American strike targeted two cars that were carrying Soleimani and a number of leaders of the pro-Iranian factions in Iraq while they were leaving Baghdad International Airport.

The newspaper quoted US officials that “the two cars were subjected to several missile strikes launched by the drone, which resulted in the killing of five people, including Soleimani, the engineer and the protocol official in the popular crowd, Ridha Al Jabri.”

She noted that a military commander in the joint Iraqi operations, who declined to be named, told her that “a plane coming from Syria that was carrying Al-Jabri and Soleimani landed at Baghdad airport.”

The military commander added, “Two cars stood under the plane that landed at the airport and transported Soleimani,” noting that “the engineer was in one of them, and when the cars left the airport, they were subjected to missile strikes.”

In the middle of the night Thursday-Friday, explosions were heard near Baghdad airport, while the security media cell confirmed in a statement that its source was the occurrence of 3 Katyusha rockets in the vicinity of the international airport.

In turn, the deputy and the spokesperson for the PMF, Ahmed Al-Asadi, mourned both the deputy head of the PMF Jamal Jaafar (Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis) and the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Qassem Soleimani.

Al-Asadi said in a brief statement, at dawn on Friday (January 3, 2020): “May God reward you with the loss of the brave leaders, Haji Soleimani and Al-Hajj Al-Muhandis. May God bless them as martyrs of the mercy of his mercy, and reward them for us and for all other Muslims.

Before that, a security source said, on Friday, that the official of the Popular Mobilization Organization, along with a number of his companions, were killed in the bombing of Baghdad Airport.

The source told (Baghdad Today), “The honorary official of the Popular Mobilization Organization, Muhammad Reda, was martyred along with two of his companions and 3 guests on the internal road to Baghdad International Airport in the bombing of the airport.”

The security expert, Hisham Al-Hashemi, said in a tweet on Twitter, “Those who were targeted on the internal road to Baghdad Airport, are from the honorary circle of the popular crowd, Mohammad Reza, Hassan Resistance, and Muhammad al-Shaibani, and 3 guests of Iranian nationality.”