Al-Hadithi reveals decisions issued ‘for the first time’ against the top corrupt in less than 10 days

Al-Hadithi reveals decisions issued ‘for the first time’ against the top corrupt in less than 10 days


Al-Hadithi reveals decisions issued for the first time against the top corrupt in less than 10 daysSpokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, revealed the decisions issued for the first time by the government towards senior officials in the country within a short period of time.

Al-Hadithi said in an interview that “the government’s anti-corruption procedures have many features, including the formation of the Central Anti-Corruption Court, which is within the framework of serious government procedures. Open these files in which they are accused, and big corruption files. ”

He pointed out that “the court formed investigative committees and investigative bodies in all courts of appeal in the provinces and issued central directives to issue orders for the recruitment and arrest of those who proved the preliminary investigations involved in cases or files of corruption and also issued orders to the border points to prevent them from traveling.”

He added that “over the past two weeks, orders have been issued at the level of senior officials, including ministers, deputies, governors, members of provincial councils, undersecretaries, general directors and heads of agencies, and there are serious measures towards combating corruption. There have been summonses and arrest warrants for this number of senior state officials. ”

Al-Hadithi stressed that “the government has a serious will in the fight against corruption and there are measures in this regard to close the outlets of corruption and prosecute the perpetrators of corruption crimes and return the looted funds, and this work is underway on a daily basis.”

“No one can say I will eliminate corruption by a month, two months or a certain period of time,” a spokesman for the media office said. “There is a system in place to fight corruption. Serious government to fight corruption. ”

“The government is well aware that corruption is a major scourge that threatens the Iraqi state and economy. Therefore, the government cannot be delayed or fight corruption. On the contrary, it is going with determination and serious will to fight corruption. This is going on and there are many decisions that will be issued in the next few days and weeks.” “.

He added that “there are procedures implemented by the government as the executive authority, and there is a judicial file that concerns the issuance of judicial rulings on the files of corruption, and there is a file with a legislative nature, which is a guarantor to close the ports of corruption, and to prevent any section of corruption and there are procedures in this regard, there is work Coordinated with the House of Representatives, to monitor the money, property and real estate of senior officials of the current and former state, this work is being conducted for the first time on this scale. ”

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, Al-Hadithi confirmed that the Council of Ministers is seeking to approve a draft law “Where do you get this?”, To monitor the property and real estate of senior officials in the state.

He said in a press statement that: “The preparation of this project is part of the efforts of the government within the reform package launched recently, and it will include real estate senior officials in the state, during the previous period, and follow-up assets, and how they obtained.”

He added, “The draft will be prepared soon in the Council of Ministers by the Legal Department of the General Secretariat and the Shura Council, as it began work, and will be completed soon to be sent to the House of Representatives for legislation and implementation.”

The official statistics from the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq, published last Wednesday, that the competent courts of integrity issued 377 decisions of various judgments against officials with advanced degrees.