Issuance of a joint statement by the “three presidencies” and the Supreme Judiciary.

Issuance of a joint statement by the “three presidencies” and the Supreme Judiciary.

Sunday 10 November 2019 at 15:04 pm

Issuance of a joint statement by the three presidencies and the Supreme JudiciaryBaghdad / Sky Press

President of the Republic Barham Saleh hosted a meeting held at the Peace Palace in Baghdad today, and was attended by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi and President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Fayeq Zidan.

The meeting discussed various political and security developments in the country in the midst of the large demonstrations witnessed in Baghdad and other provinces, where the meeting stressed that these peaceful popular protests is a legitimate reform movement is a must, in response to the national public opinion and the requirements of political life and service that Iraqis deserve after decades Of tyranny, wars, violence and corruption.

The popular protest by the youth of Iraq, who aspired to a free and dignified life with a peaceful national will that respects the legal and constitutional contexts and appreciates and safeguards the interests of the country, is a great protest in the process of rebuilding the state, purifying its institutions and upgrading its construction to what Iraq deserves.

The participants reaffirmed the firm position of refraining from any security solution to peaceful demonstrations, and strict accountability for any confrontation based on excessive violence, referring in this regard to the orders and directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to prevent the use of live bullets and all forms of violence that depend on cruelty and exaggeration.

The meeting dealt with keen interest cases of abductions against activists by uncontrolled and outlaw groups, as well as crimes of assault on demonstrators, which are directed at investigating and identifying the perpetrators and punishing them, stressing that no one of the demonstrators will be detained.

The assembled parties affirmed that all persons found guilty of criminal offenses and any party shall be referred to the just and fair judiciary. Strict justice will prosecute anyone who assaults, abducts or arrests anyone outside the law and the judiciary. Once again the importance of confining arms to the state is confirmed, and this will inevitably be achieved.

In addition, the meeting stressed the need to abide by the peaceful and democratic nature of the demonstrations and to preserve public security and property and prevent the deflection of the demonstrations from their peaceful nature.

The meeting also affirms the most important; respect and sacrifice of the sacrifices, of the martyrs and the wounded of the protagonists of peaceful demonstrations and of the security forces.

Their blood that shed illuminated the way and opened the horizon towards the future. The conferees asserted that no pure drop of blood can go to waste, and that the work of sincere justice does not stop in order to find out who is involved in this clean blood.

It is the responsibility of the governmental and legal authorities, all of us, society and governors, to ensure that efforts do not stop unremittingly in apprehending murderers, murderers and bloodshed. Our responsibility is to secure the rights of the families of the martyrs and to ensure that the wounded are treated to the best of their abilities.

With pride, the meeting confirms and tells the Iraqi youth: You can only win, and your country and your people win you, we win you as we embark on a vigorous action in order for your protests to be a vital occasion for embarking on radical reform work that must be successful and with practical results that will fight corruption, the scourge of ruin. After the violence and violence, the political process must be evaluated at various legislative and executive levels to provide authorities and institutions that are truly capable of serving the people and advancing the country.

With you, free young people, the difficulties are overcome, and with your will and with your courageous stance, we pass the transformation into a free, healthy and advanced state, a state in which the people aspire and dream, and the responsibility of the elected rulers in which they serve the people and ensure that their aspirations are fulfilled, and that the precious and precious do so.

The meeting emphasizes the following:

1. The executive and judicial authorities have already begun the legal work in initiating the opening of the investigative files on corruption and prosecuting the accused in order to achieve justice and restore looted rights. These files will continue to open.

No one, whatever his position, position and position, can escape justice. Neither politicization nor favoritism in the opening of files and in investigations and trials. The interest of the country, the rights of the people and the application of the law is the decisive factor in all matters. Legal procedures have been initiated by the judiciary against those who caused the death and injury of a number of demonstrators and security forces and those who assaulted public property. Continuous.

2. Work has also been initiated to legislate a new electoral law to ensure that this law guarantees justice in electoral competition, helps the arrival of qualified candidates under the voters’ vision and convictions, and reduces the chances of partisan monopoly that keep political stagnation between a limited number. The new law also helps to enhance young people’s chances of reaching parliament and contributing to their country’s policymaking.

The new law will result in the achievement of a truly independent, professional and efficient HEC in all its joints and cadres.

3. The demonstrations helped and assist in the legitimate pressure on the political forces and parties, the government, the legislative, executive and judicial authorities to accept the correction of the tracks and accept the positive changes, especially in the areas of ministerial reshuffle on the basis of efficiency and reduce the harmful effects of quotas in all its forms, and correct the paths of the state to put it in the right context. Naturally as a servant and a state sponsor of the people and protects its interests and not the interests of parties and governing persons and powers holding power.

In their view, the demonstrations in their pure and peaceful form are among the most important means of monitoring and pressure to achieve this and to secure the required reforms and achieve the desired goals.

4. We have already started the preparation for the national dialogue to review the system of government and the constitution in accordance with the constitutional and legal contexts.

The meeting reaffirms its appreciation and respect for the determination of young people, most of whom were at the height of their aspiration for life and their pride in the movement they have shaken the country from end to end and presented the great image of this jealous people, the most important movement between what was achieved after 2003, which led to a comprehensive review not only of the structures of institutions but Also, policies and plans for building and development and changing laws to put the country and the people at the heart of the contemporary life of the finest countries.

It is a movement that has renewed the will to change for greater reforms that can be achieved with such determination and leap.

Free peaceful demonstrators have managed to keep their movement peaceful. Their national will was greater than the intentions of the malice who sought to distort the peaceful nature of the national protest movement, and who wanted this evil and evil country to slip into what God has preserved.

The meeting also honors the supreme role played by the supreme authority, which defends the right of objection and protest, advises and emphasizes reform, and warns of the need to take into account the security and peace of Iraq in these highly sensitive regional circumstances.