Talk about the maturation of a “solution” between Sadr and Abdul – Mahdi .. Will put the latter to a harsher challenge than previously

Talk about the maturation of a “solution” between Sadr and Abdul – Mahdi .. Will put the latter to a harsher challenge than previously

Tuesday 05 October 2019 second time 11:26

Talk about the maturation of a solution between Sadr and Abdul - Mahdi - Will put the latter to a harsher challenge than previouslyBaghdad / Sky Press

The specter of an open political crisis in Iraq since the beginning of last month may fade in the next few hours.

Optimism is on the rise, with talk about the maturation of a solution between Muqtada al-Sadr, and Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Hadi al-Amiri, with regional guarantees give the federal government fluency to implement the desired reform packages, which would alleviate a volatile atmosphere in which the country has so far lost more than 300 dead Thousands of wounded demonstrators and security forces have had a concrete solution to the demonstrations.

The number of demonstrators took a sharp downward trend in the past few hours, with security sources confirming that yesterday’s total was 10,000 at most.

This shift, which is in the interest of the government and its allies, is not welcomed by the United States, especially since the embassy hopes to continue the chaos, drawing several scenarios, tools political forces and their supporters, and resentful groups belonging to the extremist religious currents reject both Najaf and Qom.

The momentum of the protests is lighter, but its style and purpose are elsewhere, with these words, an Iraqi security source familiar with the October protests since October 1 commented. It has become clear, according to a government source, that the number of participants in the demonstrations in the center of Baghdad specifically in Tahrir Square and other southern provinces has taken a downward trend as the security services estimated, over the past weeks, the maximum crowd of 70 thousand citizens, but yesterday, did not reach many in the country More than 10 thousand.

Despite the gradual decrease in the number of demonstrators, the invisible hand that drives these gatherings, according to the security source, painted another scenario to maintain the popular momentum for as long as possible, especially since the intensive contacts with the Sadr movement, led by Muqtada al-Sadr, and talk about a quick solution that will vent the anger of the street, Reflected positively, and resulted in the Sadrists out of the yards of the demonstration, in a move that the federal government and its President Adel Abdul-Mahdi want to absorb the disgruntled street first, and distinguish between peaceful demonstrator and vandal second, and work directly to launch the reformist wheel to prevent any similar confrontation, soon third.

The scenario, according to international media about a source familiar with the siege of the demonstrators to the Green Zone, and the depletion of security forces, and move the arena of confrontation to more than a vital point linking parts of the capital with green. Therefore, the concern is not the size or number of demonstrators, but the breadth of their deployment, and the transformation of the bridges of Alsink and the free and the martyrs, like the bridge of the Republic. A plan that would inflict more casualties on both sides of the demonstrators and security forces, and ensure a continuous path of chaos, which the US Embassy in Baghdad, Gulf and political forces want to put pressure on Abdul-Mahdi, who rejects any political blackmail and economic security, as his visitors report.

The sources confirm according to international media that the contacts are continuing between the political blocs, specifically marching supported by Sadr, the government and the Fatah Alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri gathered parliamentary blocs emanating from the Popular Mobilization factions, and may result in the next few hours to positive results contribute to the resolution of the open crisis, and re Quiet.

Although others stressed the need to question Abdul-Mahdi, yesterday, in parliament, it was reported that an active movement would postpone the move to make room for the Prime Minister to implement his first reform package, which has been scheduled for time.

With this step, Abdul Mahdi, with the return of normalcy to life, politically and security will face a harsher challenge than the above, the credibility, before the supreme religious authority Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani first, and the political forces that gave him the cover of survival second, and the fiery street third, present to return to the squares Quickly if he touches leniently in carrying out his demands.

Abdul Mahdi is well aware of this merit, according to his sources, who confirm that during the ongoing negotiations was crucial to the release of his hand, and the rejection of any personal or partisan guardianship over the work of his government, which would hinder his productivity, unless it comes in the context of a correct systematic calendar, as its sources say.