British newspaper: Abdul Mahdi intends to resign before October 25 next

British newspaper: Abdul Mahdi intends to resign before October 25 next

2019/10/19 12:44

British newspaper - Abdul Mahdi intends to resign before October 25 next[Baghdad-Where]
British newspaper The Independent, revealed the intention of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to resign officially before October 25 next, noting that the alliance of Fatah and others will abandon him if this is the price to calm the demonstrations and popular anger.
The newspaper, in a report citing its informed sources, said that Abdul-Mahdi is considering resigning, ahead of the date set by activists to launch a new wave of demonstrations, which is the twenty-fifth of this month, after the bloody earlier this month, in response to the proposal of political parties, found in these Step to calm the street.

She adds, according to sources, that Abdul-Mahdi deliberated last week in his decision to resign, with representatives of the blocs ‘Sairon’ and ‘Fatah’ parliamentary nominations, but he heard an explicit rejection of this step at the time, noting that the situation has now changed, with the insistence of activists on New demonstrations will take place in a few days, perhaps demanding the overthrow of the entire political system.

According to the report, according to those sources, the representatives of other parties and Fatah may abandon the plan to stick to Abdul-Mahdi, if his resignation from the post of prime minister, enough to calm the demonstrators, stressing that the subject of resignation this time ‘very serious’, especially after the name The Iraqi prime minister launched a bloody crackdown on protesters earlier this month, killing and wounding thousands.

The newspaper also revealed that Abdul-Mahdi has no political supporters at this stage, according to sources, which shows that the option to continue and resign now equal to Abdul-Mahdi, who now has the sole determination of his fate.