Find out the results of the Peace Palace meeting in the presence of the four presidencies

Find out the results of the Peace Palace meeting in the presence of the four presidencies

Monday , 14 October 2019 at 15:17 pm

Find out the results of the Peace Palace meeting in the presence of the four presidenciesBaghdad / Sky Press

Minutes of the Peace Palace meeting, in the presence of the four presidencies:

At the invitation of President Barham Saleh, a meeting was held at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Monday, which included Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi and President of the Supreme Judiciary Council, Faiq Zaidan.

The meeting discussed the political and security situation in this extremely sensitive situation, and in light of the serious developments that took place after the October demonstrations and the accompanying painful incidents and crimes that led to the martyrdom and wounding of civilians and military personnel.

The meeting concluded essentially that:

Accurate, honest and expeditious investigation of the facts on the issues of violence, excessive use of force and attacks on media channels, and to ensure that the work of the Commission of Inquiry is professional and independent, and to prevent any attempt to influence the conduct of investigations or withhold information that the Commission needs in order to streamline its work with impartiality, confidence and respect And in order to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and crimes, and also to do justice to the victims and promotes the freedom of the citizen and the right to peaceful demonstration and preserves the security services and their status as a protector of citizens and their rights, and safeguards the democracy of the political system of the Iraqi state and preserves peace And country security.

Immediately release all peaceful demonstrators and others arrested on the grounds of the demonstrations.

– Call on all to respect the freedom of media work and the security and safety of media workers, and respect the right of Iraqis to obtain, publish and impart information available to journalists with impartiality and professional responsibility, without fear and with no reassurance and without any censorship other than the control of conscience, the traditions of the profession and the responsible national feeling. The meeting also reaffirms its confidence in the media’s appreciation of the critical and critical situation in Iraq, hoping to foster a sense of responsibility for the stability, security, peace and independence of Iraq and to develop our young democratic experience, in which the media and freedom are a cornerstone of its progress and entrenchment.

The meeting approved the formation of a committee of Iraqi experts, who are known for complete independence, integrity, diligence and vigilant conscience to develop a national strategic program to diagnose the problems of the state system in the political, economic, financial, legislative and cultural fields and propose possible solutions. Respect the work and results of the Committee by all state institutions and the forces in force.

– Call on the political blocs and forces in the Council of Representatives and the committees of the Council to continue to hold their meetings in these circumstances, and to work with all energies and potentials in favor of supervisory work and the completion of legislation and legal amendments necessary to facilitate the work of reform and fight corruption, in particular the legislation necessary to ensure a fair and coherent legal system for employment, employment, retirement, housing and social welfare. And to emphasize the executive authority to expedite the sending of the bills mentioned, in order to reassure any Iraqi on his life and future and the future of his children.

– Refer all cases of corruption cases, especially the largest ones, to the competent court, provided that the court completes all cases within a time limit without delay under any pretexts, and the Parliament is responsible for legislation to criminalize every sneaky, deliberately, on any major corruption case affecting the financial security of the State And economic and service and wasted its money.

_ Follow-up the implementation of the decisions of the House of Representatives and Ministers related to meeting the demands and rights of the demonstrators and a timetable for implementation quickly.

While the meeting appreciates with great respect the high sense of national responsibility expressed by our youth during the past days, and expresses its pride in all the responsible efforts and attitudes of the religious authority and the social and cultural elites, the two communities hope that everyone will support the reform work, which we are all keen to carry out the loyal and experienced Iraqis. Reform, and we all appreciate the embarrassment of our current historical moment, and the deep thinking it requires from us to protect the future of our nation, our young democracy, the security and well-being of Iraqis, and the progress and peace of our country in this stormy atmosphere.

Let Iraq be first.

May God protect all Iraqis ..

Compassion for our righteous martyrs.

Urgent recovery of our wounded ..

And pride for Iraq ..