Source: Abdul Mahdi faced pressure from others and Fatah to discourage him from resigning

Source: Abdul Mahdi faced pressure from others and Fatah to discourage him from resigning

2019/10/13 14:34

Source - Abdul Mahdi faced pressure from others and Fatah to discourage him from resigning[Baghdad-Where]
According to an informed source, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi is facing pressure from the two largest political coalitions not to resign over the recent protests.

The source said in a press statement that “Abdul-Mahdi, expressed to his close dissatisfaction with the tweet of the leader of the Sadrist movement, last week, in which the latter demanded the resignation of the government and early elections, the source confirmed that Abdul-Mahdi, shocked when he saw the tweet, especially since a few minutes ago confirmed Sadr, a support for the prime minister. ”

He added that Abdul-Mahdi, before the first letter was intended to resign, noting that “the reason for the delay in reading the statement is the desire of Abdul-Mahdi to resign, but the alliance of Fatah and others were insisting on his survival.”

On the other hand, according to a report of the site “Al-Monitor” that “Adel Abdul Mahdi, who came to the prime minister by consensus and endorsement of the alliance of Fatah led by Hadi al-Amiri and” Saeron “led by Moqtada al-Sadr, addressed the Iraqis in a speech announced the evening of the third of this month, but broadcast The floor was delayed nearly four hours, due to a meeting held by Abdul-Mahdi with leaders of political blocs, “according to sources close to him.

The sources pointed out that “Abdul-Mahdi put the idea of ​​resignation at a meeting in which the director of his office, the negotiator of the conquest of the Alliance Abu Jihad al-Hashemi, the negotiator of the coalition of Sairon Nassar al-Rubaie, and other political leaders, but al-Hashemi and Rubaie rejected his idea.”

She pointed out that “Nassar al-Rubaie, close to Sadr, informed Abdul-Mahdi, that this was not among the agreements that came to the post of prime minister, and the news of the resignation also arrived to the conquest of the conquest. About his idea and going towards a reshuffle. ”

According to political analysts, the attempts to keep Abdul-Mahdi in his position “pragmatic” by the alliances of Sadr and Amiri, although the former demanded in an official statement, the need to resign the government of Abdul-Mahdi, but this was the opposite of what was presented by his negotiators before Abdul-Mahdi.

“The Fatah Alliance was expected to refuse to resign, but the rejection of others may raise questions after Sadr had asked the government to resign before disappearing after that,” said Mekki, a researcher at the Al Jazeera Center for Studies.

He continued by saying that “in any case, this rejection can be seen from two angles: the first is that there is no ready alternative that is mutually agreed, and the absence of a prime minister in this circumstance will be dangerous and unacceptable, and the second angle that Iran finds in Abdul Mahdi the best possible option in this Stage. ”

Raad Hashim, an adviser to the Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies, said that “in the early hours of the demonstrations, Abdul Mahdi was preparing to resign. After that, he was pressured by the Iranian wing represented by the director of his office (Abu Jihad) and the Alliance of the Conquest Alliance.”

“Abdul-Mahdi attended his resignation twice, but he was rejected by the Iranian camp, especially the second time when Iran promoted that the demonstrations came with American support. Iran does not want Abdul-Mahdi to bow to the storm of protests.”

According to observers, “indications of the rejection of Abdul Mahdi’s resignation suggest that the prime minister is not governed by a political quota, but beyond that, he is constrained by the desire of only two political parties, and can not even make the decision that concerns him and his political life. One option is to stay at least prime minister for the next six months, the months in which the Fateh alliance will attend as a replacement if he insists on resigning. ”