Leader in the “Badr” announces his resignation from the organization .. The reason ?!

Leader in the “Badr” announces his resignation from the organization .. The reason ?!

Wednesday 09 October 2019 at 10:48

Leader in the Badr announces his resignation from the organization .. The reasonBaghdad / Sky Press

Leader in the Badr Organization Dhi Qar branch Adel Mezher al-Jabri, announced today, his resignation from the organization, while demanding that those responsible for the merger file be held accountable.

Al-Jabri said in a statement, “I am one of the Badr Organization officials in the province of Dhi Qar, I have already been given the responsibilities of: Political Bureau official Badr / Dhi Qar, representative of the Badr Organization / Australia and the representative of the conquest of Australia / Australia, and my belonging to this line since the prime of my youth Of my brothers are martyrs in this line. ”

Today, I announce my resignation from the Badr Organization because there is no actual internal system for the organization, but it is a formality dead and there is no realistic shura to elect the Secretary General of the organization and other positions and responsibilities, in addition to the appointment within the Badr Organization and its branches and government functions are according to personal relations, as well as the existence of Few known people control the decision-making cycle.

He explained that other reasons are the prevalence of financial and administrative corruption and the terrible enrichment of a specific group and their children and footnotes and bargaining the leadership of the organization and embrace opponents whose hands are stained with Iraqi blood, as well as the confiscation of the history and principles of martyrs and deviation from their full missionary line, in addition to the negative attitude of the Badr Organization of peaceful demonstrators demanding their right to A decent life and a clear procrastination on the issue of marginalized Badrians who did not get their rights, as well as the neglect of the rights of families of the Badr martyrs.

Al-Jabri called on the Badrians to promote their legitimate and moral responsibility and not to tolerate those who stole the rights of the Badrians and Iraqis, demanding that the negligent be held accountable and referred to the judiciary, whatever his name and address, and demanding that those responsible for the merger file be punished. Non-governmental and forged and fake agreements on behalf of companies and agreements with suspicious parties, movements and personalities.