Prime Minister’s advisor reveals new details of China’s visit: oil for construction

Prime Minister’s advisor reveals new details of China’s visit: oil for construction


Prime Ministers advisor reveals new details of Chinas visit - oil for construction Prime Minister Abdul Hussein al-Hunain’s advisor on Thursday revealed new details of the visit of the Iraqi delegation to China.

“None of what happened with China was the result of coincidence,” Al-Hanin said in an article. “The agreements that were concluded were a practical implementation of an intellectual effort in which the prime minister wrote several years ago, and it’s time to implement it.” In certain paths. ”

He explained, that these tracks include “projects of infrastructure across the governorates or within the provinces such as highways and the transit of cities infrastructure services such as sewerage and water networks, paving roads and electricity distribution networks, schools and industrial cities, then railways, ports, health (hospitals), communications, agriculture and ring roads around cities Baghdad, Basra and the rest of the provinces and then the metro and the suspension train, gas production and oil development and security and monetary cooperation between the two countries. ”

He added: “It was not a coincidence also to vote in the Council of Ministers in favor of the draft law of the reconstruction one day before traveling to China, it was a message to Chinese friends that the Iraqi leadership is serious this time dealing with (a trusted friend standing with you in adversity), In the words of Chinese President Xi Jinping in describing his country China and also telling us: – I consider that the visit is successful by all standards and has achieved its objectives, and thanks Iraq for entering the initiative (Belt and Road / Belt / Road Initiative), which connects China or the East in general with the Western world through Iraq as the easiest and shortest link between the East and the old. ”

“This initiative was launched by President Xi Jinping in September 2013. It focuses on building infrastructure in more than 68 countries, including Iraq. In figures, it covers 65% of the world’s population and 40% of GDP.” The total of all the countries of the planet, and aims to develop through infrastructure by more than 900 billion dollars in these countries and Iraq will be part of this global economic integration.

On the magnitude of the size of the Iraqi delegation that visited China, adviser to the Prime Minister, that “the task was great, and that the accession of the governors to the delegation, but because the targeted projects include their provinces and cities, and they are an important part of the executive authority,”

He pointed out that the fact that “the visit was ambitious, and promising high ceiling targets, carefully planned, it has been subjected to a campaign of lies and the promotion of rumors and others, and in fact this clearly shows that the inert did not find anything wrong with the agreement with China, only to create strange stories “It does not exist on the schedule of the visit, which worked from early morning until after midnight because of the schedule and the compressed time.”

“The visit started in the Chinese city of Hefei, and attended the World Conference on Industrialization in the presence of major international companies, where the echoes were very welcome by the Prime Minister’s speech. Then the same day followed the visit of the factories of the automobile company JAC and SUNGROW energy equipment industry Renewed, then move to Shanghai, visit the company (SHANGHAI ELECTRIC) and then visit the port of Shanghai in a stormy atmosphere back and forth. ”

“Shanghai is the largest deep port in the world and handles 18 million containers a year. It passes 40% of China’s exports and 10% of world trade. Completely Automated,” he said. Port management profits in 2018 amounted to $ 5.25 billion a year, and the delegation had important discussions with a company that offered to fully operate and build the Grand Fao Port, the same company that carried out the development of the Shanghai Grand Port. ”

As for the official visit, explains the Prime Minister’s advisor, it “started as soon as we arrived in the capital Beijing, the convening of the China-China Economic Forum, with a large official presence, in addition to representatives of 120 Chinese companies technically and financially qualified by the Chinese government, some of which already have successful dealings with Iraq Then held an evening workshop attended by the governors of 15 Iraqi provinces, including the provinces of the Kurdistan region, and raised the need for the provinces for projects and infrastructure.

He pointed out, “The visit culminated in the signing of eight agreements and memoranda of understanding on various projects and there are a large number of agreements did not allow time to complete, but will take place in Baghdad in the coming days.”

He pointed out that “the delegation stopped for a short time at the airport (Indira Gandhi) in Delhi to hold initial meetings with Indian officials who wanted to produce a model for a joint fund (Iraq-India), similar to the model (Iraq-China), in financing joint projects “.

“Our people are certainly waiting for projects to start on the ground soon, but it is important to say that we have succeeded in completing the model agreement on smooth project financing, which keeps Iraq away from direct loans.” A fraction of Iraq’s oil exports to China as a guarantee, in exchange for the guarantees provided by China through the China State Export Support Corporation (SINOSHORE), stressing that “oil is a (gold ingot), which makes Chinese companies and their high-tech partners to start Their actions in Iraq without fear of any political fluctuations or a Tsadah “.

“The framework agreement (for the visit) will be followed up by a joint Iraqi-Chinese committee under the direct supervision of the prime ministers of the two countries.

“ Ministers and governors are supposed to have already started their workshops from today, to complete the practical requirements of the projects, and that this is done away from routine and bureaucracy, where there is not much time to lose after this important agreement that will provide hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs. ”