Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-13-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-13-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions9-13-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Simply put when the time comes the IMF will put the IQD in an SDR basket of currencies including the Yen, Yuan, Pound, Euro, USD and then the IQD. …What does this do? It creates stability in the marketplace since, if one currency gets too shaky, the others will back it up and support it… How does putting the IQD in this SDR basket effect our exchange? Since the IMF will have to now weight the IQD along with the assets from these other 5 currencies in the basket, it will cause a re-calculation of the IQD rate and drive it higher like the pre-1991 rate plus equity. This is what will be the driving force behind getting more than a 1:1 after deleting the zeros. …This is what will justify it.

9-13-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ The big news is Maliki- Iraqs former PM getting caught with hundreds of Billions in US dollars…wow…I take the story about Maliki stealing Billions is a very good thing….Rats deserting a ship before it sets sail. I think this is big news

9-13-2019 Intel Guru Bruce Confirmation from Bank sources Dinar on the screens live at over $6.50…Dinar is international… …We are supposed to get started tomorrow [Friday]. Obviously we don’t go anywhere until we get our toll free numbers. We don’t get started until we get appointments. Our understanding is we should get numbers in the morning and get setting appointments and doing our exchanges supposedly tomorrow [Friday]. We’ll see…we’ve had close calls before.

9-12-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana It’s been some time since this came up in the news, but I believe it was about 5 months ago I made mention of Saudi Arabia working on playing nice with Iraq again… and what they have to gain by doing so. Saudi Arabia couldn’t be bothered to give Iraq the time of day 10 years ago… now, they are changing their tune: [Article] “Iraq-Saudi border crossing to reopen after nearly 30 years”. …WTI OIL is currently at 54.94… Other news that’s positive – CBI, IMF, GOI are all active. We are not in one of those vacation-day lulls. Overall, it looks like things should start moving… right in time to hit a mid-September spurt.

9-12-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff [Article: Saleh and Abdul Mahdi discuss developments in the political situation and the implementation of the government program] …the “government program” is everything that exists after the rate change. It’s the period after the rate change that gives the citizens a better life. So that’s why they’re talking about implementing the “government program” now or soon because that’s the period after the rate change…

9-12-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ I am hearing we are in a 72 hour window that started yesterday…so we should have 48 hours left if true…but it could go at any time in that 48 hours…no one will ever know the exact time. …it may be slowed a bit…but its still moving.

9-12-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 …they are now ready to show them pictures of the new small category notes…IMO the CBI is being very cautious. They have to be very careful. Fractional banking is of great concern to the CBI because they do not want this reinstatement to fail with the citizens. They are not going to come out with the coins like we’ve been telling you. But they are talking about the fils. The citizens need to understand what the fils are about…each dinar is worth 1000 fils…so let’s not worry about the coins…

9-12-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …We know that the Financial Management Law was written and passed in parliament in order for parliament through the financial committee to take charge of the monetary reforms and force the CBI to perform their job. Up to this point the CBI had excuse after excuse as to why it could not proceed. We read about all the corruption in the CBI. We heard about the necessity to replace all the proxy positions with permanent positions. Then we watched it happen. The announcement came out about the replace of the director of the CBI and he was supposed to take his position in early September. …Yes, we still expect the formal announcement of the new Governor of the CBI any day now…