The new currency will be immune to fraud and will bring sophisticated equipment to detect fraud

Member of Finance Committee: The new currency will be immune to fraud and will bring sophisticated equipment to detect fraud
On: Wednesday 27/06/2012 14:16

Baghdad (news) .. Announced by the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Najiba Najib, in agreement with the Central Bank to buy electronic devices optical developed to detect cases of fraud and forgery after deletion of zeros and replacing Iraqi currency.
said Najib (of the Agency news) said on Wednesday: The Central Bank and the Commission Finance reached an agreement for the purchase of electronic devices light to check the money and detect counterfeit of it after the process of deleting the zeros and the currency exchange. She added that the new currency will be Viah paper and other metal will be released in early 2013, but it needs to be taken by the Central Bank reserves and the measures necessary to detect fraud and forgery, which was repeated in the current currency by their weak souls. She pointed out: that the new devices will be connected to the web to update the latest information about the counterfeit money and methods of detection. showed: that some foreign companies in coordination with the Central Bank and the Finance Committee will provide loans of large print currency New accordance with the specifications and standards of its properties of high safety, and although this does not dispense with the central bank for modern devices that enhance the detection of fraud and forgery. The Financial experts and members of the House of Representatives, warned of a possible use of procedures change the currency, to pump large amounts of money forged by gangs, experienced, and for an extensive operation for laundering money, and it will cost the state huge amounts of money for the printing of new currency, while he says supporters of the measure that it is necessary to make the national economy stands on his feet, and increase confidence in the currency, as well as reducing liquidity huge. / End / 21. d . Q /
Source: ikhnews