Continued high price of the dollar in spite of the increasing sales of central bank

Continued high price of the dollar in spite of the increasing sales of central bank

26/06/2012 12:31

Baghdad, “Iraq’s gate,” Mohammed Sharif

Continue the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to rise in spite of central bank sales over the turnpike 200 thousand dollars in daily auction.

The price of exchange in the domestic market this Tuesday 1242.5 dinars to the dollar, despite the fact that Central sales for the day amounted to 203.577 million.

And settled sales Bmzadeh Central Bank of Iraq for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, Tuesday, to record the amount of $ 203 million, the same amount sold in a session on Monday, the exchange rate based on 1166 Iraqi dinar for every dollar.

The Central sales reached 286 million and 886 thousand dollars in a session on Sunday.

The estimated daily need of the market at between 150-160 million dollars to cover the foreign trade and domestic demand to cover the needs of travel.

However, the stop banking transactions and sanctions imposed on Iran, Syria, and the decline in prices and exchange Altoman half pound contributed to the increased demand for the Iraqi market. Prompting central to tighten sale of foreign currency for the required private banks to disclose the clients of the applicants purchase, through the instrument certified to the customer one is for informational purposes, and then come back and emphasizes procedures for the sale of money orders last week, and declares it responds to the orders, but the existence of accountable tax year, and documents formally prove that the money actually going to trade, bringing the dollar exchange rate locally abruptly up to 1270 dinars per dollar, but the diversity of sources of dollar selling by the Rafidain and Rasheed with the central contributed to the low price to 1220 dinars.

And contributed to demand for the dollar to pay the first installment of the price of residential units in the city of Basmajh raising the price of a new day for up to 1242.5 dinars to the dollar.
Source: albawwaba