Warning against targeting the US embassy in Baghdad: its consequences would be catastrophic

Warning against targeting the US embassy in Baghdad: its consequences would be catastrophic

2019/08/23 12:35

Warning against targeting the US embassy in Baghdad - its consequences would be catastrophicBaghdad Today – Baghdad

The Secretary-General of the Party of Iraq, our identity, warned former MP Kamel al-Ghareiri, Friday (August 23, 2019), of the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad in response to the mysterious explosions in the stores of equipment belonging to the Popular Mobilization.

Al-Ghurairy said in an interview to Baghdad today, “The statements of the leaders of the Popular Mobilization, which accused Washington of being behind the recent attacks on weapons stores belonging to the crowd, are urgent and unconscious, because they need facts and evidence,” noting that “the strikes were carried out by one side It is not yet known, and the government should have a role in determining who this is. ”

The former member of the House of Representatives expressed “fears of targeting the US embassy in Baghdad,” warning that “any action outside the framework of the state will fuel the situation in the country and its consequences will be disastrous against the Iraqi government.”

He stressed “the need to stay away from the Iranian-American conflict, and that Iraq is not a party to it, and to keep the Iraqi youth away from the Holocaust and not to engage them in any confrontation between the two countries,” usually that “Iraqi politicians are not in their interest to stand up to the Americans.”

The deputy of the Sadikon parliamentary bloc, Hassan Salem, said on Thursday (August 22, 2019), that the US Embassy in Baghdad includes an Israeli security wing, while noting that one of the tasks of this wing is to “target military sites of the Popular Mobilization, via drones.”

This came after the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, accused the United States of being behind the mysterious bombings of the headquarters of the crowd in different areas, and vowed to respond militarily to any similar incidents that may occur in the future, before the head of the body, Faleh Fayyad, confirmed that The engineer’s comments “do not represent the official positions of the Popular Mobilization”.

Presidents Barham Salih, Mohammed al-Halbousi and Adel Abdul Mahdi met in Baghdad to discuss the bombings of the Hashd weapons depots. The need to “adhere to the position of the Iraqi state rejecting the principle of proxy war.”