Summary of the weekly press conference of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi

Summary of the weekly press conference of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 11:44 AM

Summary of the weekly press conference of Prime Minister Adel Abdul MahdiBaghdad / Sky Press

The following is the text of what the Prime Minister said at his weekly conference on Tuesday evening:


• We follow the military leaders daily security activities and ensure the security of the capital Baghdad and the pursuit of terrorists, and we have every day operations and liquidation of many additives and evils, and reassure everyone that security is stable and the security forces are holding the situation very strongly.
There are those who inflate some security news and talk about the security situation in an inaccurate way. We hope that the media will convey the truth and that the issue is not separated from the general situation. The security services are capable of maintaining security and security is very solid and strong and not as fragile as it is alleged.
• We are moving forward with a more independent approach, reducing quotas and a more independent government, but we do not deny gaps that need to be gradually eliminated.
• The right of the House of Representatives to discuss the cabinet reshuffle and refuses to reject, but in the end must vote the House of Representatives on the ministerial lineup.
• The prime minister does not choose people without reassurance that there will be a positive vote on the candidates.
• The sermon of the Supreme Religious Reference was moving towards progress and resolve the issue of the ministerial lineup, and we submitted candidates for the Ministries of Defense and Interior and Justice were voted on and we will give tomorrow or the day the candidate of the Ministry of Education, and we hope that the House of Representatives approve it.
• The Council of Ministers voted today for 70 general managers, and the list is long and after a few days we will submit another part, and we will proceed with the steps of voting on these grades respectively, and without quotas despite attempts to impose some names, but we stopped all this and proceeded without a quota.
• The accumulation of positions in the proxy because of the lack of action previously in this regard, and now we follow the method of fundamentalism for the nomination of special grades, and over time we can end the issue of positions by proxy without any quotas and according to the criteria of efficiency and non-sharing of parties, and there must be equal opportunities for all to decide the sectarian or national affiliation Or party, but eligibility and efficiency.
• His Highness the Amir’s visit to Baghdad was a very important, moving and profound visit, during which relations between the two countries were strengthened.
• During the visit of the President of the Kurdistan region, Mr. Nigervan Barzani, to Baghdad on the unity of Iraq, and that Baghdad is the capital of Iraq, which is the strategic vision for all.
• We launched the report of the government curriculum and sent it to the House of Representatives and published in the media to inform the public.
• The government curriculum is the standard on which we measure the work of the government. For the first time in Iraq, a government program is issued with figures, timing and implementation rates, which makes the government responsible for its implementation before the public opinion, the parliament and the media.
• We have achieved a record high in the receipt and payment of grain crops, which is a very important achievement in the history of Iraq and will create great encouragement and enthusiasm among farmers.
• Iraq is playing a positive role in reaching a solution to the crisis between Washington and Tehran, and all parties appreciate the role of Iraq in this file, which we hope to end the good without escalation or tension.
• We are not taking any action to escalate the crisis between Washington and Tehran, and we do not accept the resort to means of war, and we do not accept to go to sanctions and strangulation.
• We have a budget agreement with the Kurdistan region, and we are obliged to implement the budget law, which requires the region to hand over 250 thousand barrels of oil and otherwise cut off the corresponding budget of the region, and our duty as the sons of one country to invest good intentions to find solutions, everything has a solution if there is good faith .
• The unity of the homeland and the service of the common interests between Baghdad and Erbil must be seriously planned.
• Iraqi intelligence agencies and monitoring bodies have not indicated any movement to launch airstrikes targeting facilities in Saudi Arabia.
• The opposition has more obligations than loyalty, and must be prepared and applied to a program that the government wants to apply.
The solution to the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Arbil is not through satellite channels or threats, but through dialogue, law and the constitution. We stand with those who implement the constitution. We do not look at its background if we want to build a state.
We seek to remove any danger from Iraq because it is burdened with internal and external wars. Because of its geographic location, it will be the most affected in case of war. We try to open a gap for settlement and calm between Washington and Tehran.
• The Iraqi position on the crisis between Washington and Tehran is very close to the European position, we are not part of the sanctions regime and we are not part of the axes, and this opens the door to confidence in the role of Iraq, which is getting stronger.
• There is a major imbalance in the system and structure of salaries in the Iraqi state, and this causes significant discrimination, and discussed in the Council of Ministers this matter, and seek justice and the abolition of any privilege is incorrect, and must be dealt with this subject study.
• We are prosecuting foreigners who commit crimes on Iraqi soil, while foreigners who fought in other countries, we are looking at this issue with countries.