Nujaifi: 99.9% of the year wish to erase the Iranian influence in Iraq by Washington

Nujaifi: 99.9% of the year wish to erase the Iranian influence in Iraq by Washington

2019/05/13 12:33

Nujaifi - 99.9 percent of the year wish to erase the Iranian influence in Iraq by WashingtonBAGHDAD (Reuters) –

The leader of the coalition, Ethel al-Nujaifi, said on Monday (May 13, 2019) that 99.9 percent of the Sunni bloc hoped to erase Iran’s influence in Iraq from the United States.

“99.9 percent of Sunnis hope the United States will wipe out Iranian influence from Iraq,” Nujaifi said in a tweet on his Twitter account. “One out of every 1,000 has made gains from this influence.”

“Iran’s supporters and proxies have closed their corruption files and are accused of terrorism as they launch their threats to defend and unite with Iran, although everyone knows they can not convince their families,” he said.

On April 24, 2019, al-Fath MP Amer al-Fayez asserted that “political blocs” tended to sway Iran’s interests in Iraq in return for counter-action by other blocs with “Saudi-American support.”

Al-Fayez said in an interview with “Baghdad today” that “there are political blocs tend to sway the interests of Iran in Iraq, in exchange for the adoption of other blocks the policy of removing Iran from the country, with the support of Saudi Arabia,” noting that “the policy of the Iraqi government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, The role of neutrality in dealing with regional and international issues and files without a tendency to a particular axis. ”

The Union of Muslim Scholars in the province of Diyala, said Wednesday (May 8, 2019), that he will announce the general influx if Iran was attacked by any country.

“The Iraqis in all their spectrum will not forget the positions of the Islamic Republic in Iran when it was an organization calling on the walls of Baghdad, where we supported the arms and advisers to curb the threat of my presence threatened Iraq, while the rest of the countries gave up,” the head of the Union branch in Diyala Jabbar al-Mamouri said in an interview with Baghdad today. For our support. ”

He added that “the Union of Muslim Scholars will announce the general Nfir if Tehran was attacked by any aggressor and we will send our children to defend it,” stressing that “the Middle East is approaching one day after another of a serious tsunami overseen by the Zionist entity.”

US national security adviser John Bolton announced on May 6, 2019, that the United States had sent the USS Abraham Lincoln and a force of bombers to the Middle East to send a clear signal to Iran that any attack on the interests of the United States or its allies Will meet very strongly. ”

Bolton added that “this decision was taken in response to a number of indicators and warnings are growing and disturbing.”

“Washington is not seeking a war with Tehran, but it is prepared to respond to any attack by the Revolutionary Guards or the Iranian regular army or through its agents,” he said.