Al-Amiri leads secret understandings between the factions to respond to Washington’s policy toward Iran

Al-Amiri leads secret understandings between the factions to respond to Washington’s policy toward Iran

2019/5/13 14:50

Al-Amiri leads secret understandings between the factions to respond to Washingtons policy toward Iran[UPDATE]
A government official announced on Monday that there were movements among the popular crowd led by Al-Fateh Alliance leader Hadi al-Amri, in an effort to get the armed factions out of Iraq with a unified vision of Washington’s recent stance against Iran.
The official said in remarks to Arab sites, today (13 May 2019) that “the parties linked to Iran began to work to unify the views of the armed factions within the popular crowd, regarding the US-Iranian escalation.”

He added that “large political leaders in the crowd, including Hadi al-Amiri and others, are working to coordinate this trend, as they conduct movements and contacts with factions included in the crowd, including the faction of Moqtada al-Sadr (Saraya peace) and Asaiab, Najba and Saraya Khrassani and all other factions to unite visions against Washington” .

He pointed out that “supporters of this trend want to have a unified position of the factions against the US presence, and do not want any of these factions out of this trend,” noting that “a number of those factions embarrassing between their commitments to the government and its loyalty to Iran, and other factions agreed to go , While other factions are still volatile in their positions. ”

The official pointed out that “the current trend of the factions that have a political cover will be towards a unified position to pass the law on the removal of foreign troops from Iraq, as a solution may push the threat of Iraq in the event of a war between Washington and Tehran.”

The official pointed out that “the Federation of armed factions to take any military action against the American presence is still under discussion,” stressing that “the military option difficult on most of these factions, they do not want a military confrontation with America, knowing that this will cost a lot, and wants to get rid of The American presence through legal means, and through parliament. ”

“The situation of the factions remains confusing and there is disagreement among them over any military action against US interests in Iraq, if necessary.”

“The government itself is embarrassed by Iran and America, and can not give either of them guarantees,” observers said. “Nothing is in the hands of the government, and some outbursts of mobilization and action against US interests in the country are likely.”

“The leaders of the crowd want a united position on this, and do not want a division in the crowd, especially with some factions giving pledges to the government,” they said. “This will drag Iraq into serious crises. The government itself does not know what to do and who to stand with.”

Observers stressed that “if US interests in Iraq were targeted by the crowd, Iraq will cost a lot about it, and can not predict his future with Washington,” according to the new Arab site.

The move comes at a time when the Iraqi government is engaged in a hostile movement, especially as the government has received earlier pledges from some factions not to act against US interests, while seeking to renew those pledges, seeking guarantees from other factions.

The position of the “pro-Iranian” armed factions is not reassuring to Iraqi political parties and the government.