US report reveals a “bomb” used by Washington in secret to “dismember” the victims in Iraq instead of bombing them

US report reveals a “bomb” used by Washington in secret to “dismember” the victims in Iraq instead of bombing them

11.05.2019 10:25

US report reveals a bomb used by Washington in secret to dismember the victims in Iraq instead of bombing themBaghdad today – follow-up

A US newspaper reported in a May 11, 2019 report that Washington had developed a bomb used in Iraq and other countries as “secret” that would tear apart the victims rather than blow them up,

In its report, the Wall Street Journal reported that more than a dozen current and former US officials have confirmed for the first time that a long-range military weapon described as a fast anvil falls from the sky, capable of killing an individual terrorist target – all without an explosion One”.

The warhead is not exploding, but it drops more than 45 kilograms (100 pounds) of steel, surrounded by a ring of six long blades that explode within seconds of the collision. The roofs of vehicles and buildings are torn, and the “Jinsu Flying” is referred to as a famous brand Of knives that can cut anything.

One official said the missile solved the problem of “right seat, left seat” because it is theoretically possible to target one person on the side of a vehicle without hurting other passengers.

The R9X, which is operated by an unmanned aerial vehicle, is a higher level than the highly destructive Hellfire missile, although it has been used only a few times in many Middle Eastern countries. The US government and military have kept its presence under lock and key since it was developed under the Obama administration In early 2011.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that this weapon is not used frequently and is published only for certain cases, such as the killing of a target leader endangering innocent bystanders, and this was the case in 2011 when Obama launched a campaign to kill al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Although a team of special forces eventually killed the most wanted in the world, only the “ninja bomb” was standing “as a plan.”

The newspaper said that the weapon was used in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia, but was able to confirm only two attacks, one carried out by the Ministry of Defense and the other by the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “the CIA’s Lockheed Martin Corp., the Pentagon and Hellfire have refused to comment on its production, while the sources confirm it was manufactured by the CIA.