A few hours after the “departure” Pompeo Iraq .. “Pentagon” confirms its readiness to “war” in the Middle East ..!

A few hours after the “departure” Pompeo Iraq .. “Pentagon” confirms its readiness to “war” in the Middle East ..!

Wednesday, May 08, 2019 at 15:42 PM

A few hours after the departure Pompeo Iraq .. Pentagon confirms its readiness to war in the Middle EastBaghdad / Sky Press

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hinted during a surprise visit to Baghdad to meet with President Barham Salih and Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi that Iraq has no choice but to support the US position or stand by Iran.

A few hours after the departure of US Secretary of State Iraq, the Pentagon announced today, the dispatch of 4 nuclear bombers capable of completely wiping out any threat to the forces or bases or installations or the US Embassy in Iraq with a full review and satellite surveys of the vicinity of these headquarters, 24 hours “He said.

This confirms that the decision of war or a strike to restrict Iran and its obligation not to export oil to exert maximum pressure and achieve the harshest results on Tehran has already been taken, is the hint of US Defense Department spokesman Sean Robertson – Wednesday, May 8, 2019 – that the military equipment in Middle East commensurate with the stage and the future.

The United States has sent its Middle East power in a move that has not happened since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. The USS John Stennis, a built-in nuclear reactor, and Abraham Lincoln’s aircraft carrier group, boosted it today with nuclear bombers that bomb their targets from the highest point, With a bank set by Washington, it will take a number of influential positions in Iran and in influential countries such as Iraq and Lebanon.