Abdul-Mahdi: We want to return to Baghdad its role as a house of peace

Abdul-Mahdi: We want to return to Baghdad its role as a house of peace

Posted, 2019/5/4 20:39

Abdul-Mahdi - We want to return to Baghdad its role as a house of peace[Follow-up]
Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said that Iraq is working today on the reconstruction of Baghdad as a place of peace in which the various parties meet and that Iraq is a stabilizing factor in the region and the world.
This came during a joint press conference held by the Prime Minister in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macaron. At the beginning of the conference, Abdul Mahdi thanked Macron for his welcome and the accompanying delegation, indicating that he welcomed Iraq and the Iraqi people and their peoples of grievances and sacrifices not only by fighting , But over the past decades long because of dictatorship, discrimination and racism.

He pointed out that France has stood with Iraq always and received many Iraqis, a country of asylum and appreciate the difficulties and sacrifices made by.

“Since the plane landed on the land of France, we felt a special feeling and ancient historical relations that link us to France, which is hundreds of years old, indicating that the French people are a good people and full of culture, knowledge and love for others.”

The prime minister stressed that “this is a fact that requires continuous cooperation not only between Iraq and France, but between all countries of the world.”

He pointed out that the unity among the countries of the world is the one who helped to achieve victory over the da’eef, and if we give it up, we will give Daish the opportunity to do more murder and crimes.

He added: “Our presence in France is to follow up and achieve a lot of files that matured during the past years on the security, military, cultural and economic levels. Today, we have a paper that outlines a strategic relationship between Iraq and France, which contains general principles. And reconstruction and development, “noting that” the situation in Iraq is developing positively at all levels, when the security situation improves, the political situation improves and this has to do with the unity in Iraq if not for the cooperation of everyone to the victory over terrorism, and we are keen on it Its unity and we are trying to preserve and reflect the great political unity in the country “, at the same time explaining that” relations between Baghdad and Erbil is today the best case. ”

The Prime Minister explained that the French role in fighting Da’ash was an important role and we agreed with the French side to raise the level of work in this area and we will continue this matter.

He added that the current Iraqi government was built on the basis of the independence of its members and they are independent even if nominated by the political forces, and we have an advertised program based on strengthening security and thus promoting stability, economy and services.

The prime minister concluded by welcoming the opening of the French Cultural Center in Mosul, stressing that this would be a pleasure for the Iraqi and French peoples