Has Washington refused to receive Abdul Mahdi for his position on Iran?

Has Washington refused to receive Abdul Mahdi for his position on Iran?

2019/04/28 17:55

Has Washington refused to receive Abdul Mahdi for his position on IranBaghdad today – special

A source at the State Department said on Sunday that a US State Department source said Washington might freeze a planned visit to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi because of Baghdad’s stance on US sanctions against Iran.

The source said, in an exclusive interview for “Baghdad today,” that “the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, has no travel to Washington so far, and his next destination will be to Paris and Berlin, and return before Ramadan.”

“Abdul Mahdi was supposed to go from Riyadh to Kuwait, but there was no arrangement on the issue of the meetings,” he said.

On the postponement of Abdul Mahdi’s visit to the United States and linking it to the issue of Iranian sanctions, the source, who declined to be named, said that “it is not the main reason for Iran, but the issue of arrangements for the visit, which did not happen now.”

“The United States wants to move toward reassuring Iraq’s independence and its influence on Iran’s influence,” he said.

The newspaper “Independent Arab”, reported in a report published earlier on Sunday, that the United States, may freeze or postpone the scheduled visit to the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, to Washington, because of Baghdad’s position on US sanctions against Iran.

The newspaper quoted a source in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry that “Baghdad has not yet received a response from Washington to determine the deadline for Abdul Mahdi’s visit to the United States.”

“The US administration is looking forward to the visit of the Iraqi prime minister to the United States to discuss issues of mutual concern,” US Charge d’Affaires in Baghdad Joe Hood said on April 20, 2019. He did not say when.

“We can talk about tension in the relations between the United States and Iraq in the days following the announcement of the classification of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization,” the newspaper said. “Washington is pressing to get a position from Baghdad on US sanctions against Iran.”

He disclosed that “the exception obtained by Iraq on the possibility of bypassing US sanctions to import electricity from Iran is the last to be given by the United States to the government of Abdul Mahdi,” noting that “the exception will apply only during the summer months, and will not exceed, the urgent need of Iraq to import electricity from Iran, because of the inability of the local energy system to meet the requirements of the population, with high temperatures.

The source added that “the United States, perhaps wait for the reception of Abdul Mahdi, to identify the point of the Iraqi government, and whether it will stand by its side, or in the ranks of the Iranians,” noting that “the administration of President Trump does not want to understand the sensitive relationship between Iraq and Iran , And how could explode the situation in the region in case Baghdad declared hostility to Tehran. ”

The charge d’affaires of the US embassy in Baghdad said that his country “may take action against Iraq, in the event that sanctions are not imposed on Iran.”

“The armed factions linked to Iran harm the sovereignty of Iraq,” he said, calling on the government of Abdul Mahdi to “impose its authority on the armed factions and prevent them from interfering in security procedures.”

“These remarks have provoked controversy,” observers believe. “Any US escalation against the Iraqi government, which runs a very fragile country, will be in Iran’s interest,” the report said.

“The US Embassy in Baghdad may play large, cross-border roles in Iraq at this stage. The embassy angered Iran’s supporters when it wrote on its Facebook page that the fortune of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is $ 200 billion,” observers say. Dollars “.

The US embassy in Baghdad said, “Corruption is rampant in all parts of the Iranian regime, starting with the summit,” noting that “the property of the regime’s guide Ali Khamenei alone is estimated at 200 billion dollars, while many of the people are suffering from poverty because of the economic situation reached by Iran After 40 years of the mullahs’ rule. ”

The Fatah Alliance led by Hadi al-Ameri responded to what the embassy published, calling for “summoning the charge d’affaires and delivering a protest note.”

“It strongly rejects the use of diplomatic missions on Iraqi soil to offend any country or to offend the religious authorities that the Iraqi people are never allowed to harm,” the coalition said.

He added that “this act is contrary to the norms of diplomatic work and its rules,” adding that “the result of a significant transgression on one of the respected religious references among the Iraqi people through the official website of the United States Embassy is a flagrant violation and is unacceptable.”

He called for “the deletion of this offensive Post first, and call the Acting Ambassador of the United States and delivered a strong protest note.”

He also referred to the Chargé d’Affaires of the American Embassy by name, saying, “Yesterday, this so-called Joey Hood intervenes in the Iraqi internal affairs and directs accusations and orders without restraint. Today, this abuse is issued from the official website of the American Embassy, ​​which means that there is a determination from this person and behind him the will of Zionism Suspicious to bypass the law and diplomatic norms and provoke the feelings of Iraqis and the tension between the relationship between Baghdad and Washington and therefore we demand the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an undesirable person. ”

Many considered, according to the report, that “the US Embassy in Baghdad began the war on Iran actually, in a clear indication that Iraq is the main arena of confrontation between Washington and Tehran.”

“Observing Iran’s activities and neutralizing its supporters in Iraq and Syria are the main goals of the US embassy in Baghdad,” said Hisham al-Hashemi, a political and security analyst who was quoted by the paper as saying. “He said.

Hashemi added that the Iraqi government “took part of the silence of the rhetoric skirmishes between Washington and Tehran on the Baghdad square, and became the letters of the Fatah Alliance close to Tehran is dominant in denouncing the statements of the US embassy and denounced.”

“Political circles in Baghdad indicate that strained relations between Iraq and the United States may prompt Iran’s allies to revive efforts to legislate the law to remove US troops from the country,” the paper said.