Electricity reveals the date of linking with Saudi Arabia and the future of Iranian gas

Electricity reveals the date of linking with Saudi Arabia and the future of Iranian gas

2019/4/25 10:50

Electricity reveals the date of linking with Saudi Arabia and the future of Iranian gas(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Ministry of Electricity, the date of linking power with Saudi Arabia and the future purchase of gas from Iran after the tightening of US sanctions on them.

In turn, the spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity, Musab al-Mudar, said in a press statement that “Iraq signed several memorandums of understanding, one of which was with the Saudi Electricity Transmission Corporation, which provides for a feasibility study to connect the electrical power between the two countries, The study could be completed within a month, but the linkage would take two years. ”
“For the ministry and the government, it is dealing with US sanctions under the conditions laid down, namely, that Iraq remains a contractor to Iran, to import gas and electricity in Iraqi currency, not US dollars, and we expect this to be without prejudice,” he said.
The Ministry of Electricity, represented by the Minister of Electricity Luay Khatib, concluded last week two memoranda of understanding with the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia during the visit of a high-level Iraqi delegation headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to Riyadh.
The ministry pointed out that “one of the memorandums concluded with the National Company for the transfer of electricity in Saudi Arabia, aimed at setting up technical and regulatory mechanisms to prepare a feasibility study for electrical interconnection between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, which is part of linking the Iraqi electricity system with neighboring countries and the region to create a promising market for electric power to meet demand, And the exchange of energy, regionally and down to Europe. ”
“The statements by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, which followed Trump’s decision to end Washington’s exemptions for oil and gas imports from Iran, do not include the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, but include some countries that deal with the Iranian side to buy crude oil,” a source at the Ministry of Electricity said. .
It is noteworthy that Iraq currently imports about 28 million cubic feet of gas per day, which feed a number of electric stations to generate about 2800 MW, and it is hoped that the quantities supplied from the beginning of June, to 35 million cubic feet a day standard to rise Energy production to three thousand and 500 megawatts. ”
The Iranian side also continues to equip Iraq with 1200 megawatts of electricity per day, which feeds the national system, bringing the amount of energy imported by Iraq from four thousand and 700 MW
The Ministry of Electricity says that” the ministry’s goal is to provide what About 18 thousand megawatts, to be a pilgrimage Energy this summer is the highest in the history of Iraq, “asserting that” these contracts with Iran to pay amounts in local currency and not in dollars , “.anthy