“Barzani” organizes a new referendum for “separation” from “Iraq” ..!

“Barzani” organizes a new referendum for “separation” from “Iraq” ..!

Sunday, 21 April 2019 at 09:18 AM

Barzani organizes a new referendum for separation from IraqFollow-up / Sky Press

The leader of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, intends to organize a new referendum for secession, despite what was exposed after the referendum in 2017.

According to Iranian reports quoting Kurdish sources, Barzani is holding secret internal talks and approaches in the region to try to reorganize a referendum that allows for secession from Iraq, relying on information he received, especially the escalation of tensions and the expected escalation of protests in two months in the southern provinces and Basra in particular.

This is what called the Iranian media to accuse Barzani of communicating with foreign countries informed him of the details of the opportunity to be given to him through the chaos will hit the south of Iraq, the link of those leaks, what it said information about the standing of a Gulf state behind the fueling of protests in Basra with support for armed movements there, After the seizure of a shipment of weapons coming from that country.

Another chance Barzani awaits, according to Iranian reports, reveals Barzani’s dependence on the return of some Baath symbols to exploit each other in the interests of the expected escalation of tensions in Iraq, as well as that step will come with American support for those Baathist elements to confront the popular crowd and eliminate it in Iraq , Or at least in the northern and Sunni governorates.