Report: Abadi leads an anti-Maliki movement to open all files from the fall of Mosul and “massacre Spyker”

Report: Abadi leads an anti-Maliki movement to open all files from the fall of Mosul and “massacre Spyker”, up to the incident sinking ferry

Mon, 01 Apr 2019 16:19:21

al-MalikiThe leader of the Al-Nasr Alliance, former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, is leading a movement against the head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, with the aim of achieving gains or settling accounts from the fall of Mosul and the “Spyker massacre” to the sinking of the ferry .

The report, published on April 1, 2019, said that “away from the quiet of the anniversary of the” Imam Kadhim “in the capital Baghdad, there is active political movement in the north of the country, the movement is like a pitcher under the ashes, movement” Death “in the city of Mosul, To hold the decision of the province of Nineveh and the city of Mosul, both security and political, according to the newspaper “news” Lebanese close to Tehran.

The report said that “78 deputies applied for a request a few days ago to the presidency of the parliament to form (a fact-finding committee to investigate the circumstances of the massacre of Spyker), as well as cases of waste of public money during the government of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki (2010-2014).

He explained that this move was issued by Yousef al-Kalabi, MP from the coalition of victory, allied with the rest of the wisdom and the national list, knowing that these forces collectively accuse Maliki and his government to “spend huge sums outside the controls approved in the draft federal budget in 2014, Fake service and economic projects in the northern and western provinces, which fell in the hands of the organization that year. ”

The report said that the alliance, “Sason” called, last year, to open a transparent investigation into the causes of the fall of Mosul, however, and condemn the condemnation of all responsible for that incident, in a position interpreted then “attempts to eliminate the presence of al-Maliki,” explanations are preparing today again, on Background The sharp dispute between the leader of the coalition of state law and Haidar al-Abadi and Muqtada al-Sadr, which does not appear to be a solution, is still taking place despite serious attempts to heal the rift between al-Maliki and al-Abadi on the one hand and al-Maliki and al-Sadr on the other.

“In Iraq, we must always look for the political background of any decision or a surprise step,” the source told the Lebanese newspaper Al-Fateh, putting the “victory” proposal in the context of renewed competition looming between Maliki and Abadi. “The main reason for all the files related to the city of Mosul is the” sharp and hidden disagreement between Maliki and Abbadi on the post of First Vice President of the Republic, “according to the source, adding that the race is” heated “between the two men to go, with the intention of” coalition of construction “(Maliki and al-Amiri, along with the head of the” Arab project “Khamis Al-Khan Dragged) Maliki’s nomination, at a time when media reports confirm that the “reform” will not accept the assumption of al-Maliki’s office again, “but tends to be attributed to the slaves, as compensation for losing the post of prime minister,” which denies sources of wisdom, noting that ” From a similar talk recently. ”

On the line of parliamentary investigations, whose results appear to be always in the political investment bazaar, parliament last month issued a report on “fact-finding in the city of Mosul”, which was also placed within the efforts of political forces to settle their accounts of ” North”.

The report, which warned of “serious sectarian tension, caused by negative practices and several factors … resulted in the emergence of a new pledge for the dashing, and reawakening elements,” did not delay the attempts to invest to incite public opinion, “Musli” to “popular mobilization,” according to a political source ” “He said.

According to the deputies of the Building Coalition, the report was politicized. The “corruption in the city” responded to “the dominance of economic committees belonging to the crowd and control of projects, land and auctions.” The accusations were denied by leading sources in the crowd, pointing out that more than once the closure Fake offices claiming to belong to the crowd, by the Directorate of Security, adding that “our troops stationed outside the city, and several kilometers away.” In reference to the source of the source, “Musli”, he points out that the city is witnessing an extension of the forces of the “tribal crowd”, supported by some political figures such as MP Ahmad al-Jubouri, who leads his brother Moussa, “the cavalry of the knights of Jabour,” and MP Abdul Rahim al-Shammari, Rare. ”

“Crowds”, along with “crowds” supported by Turkey and the “Kurdistan region”, active in Nineveh, “responsible for a significant number of dirty operations, from killing, kidnapping, robbery and extortion … and no accountant,” says the source .