Expert: Two threats threaten Iraq if applied a proposal to distribute 10 percent of oil money to citizens

Expert: Two threats threaten Iraq if applied a proposal to distribute 10 percent of oil money to citizens

2019/03/27 14:15

Expert - Two threats threaten Iraq if applied a proposal to distribute 10 percent of oil money to citizensBaghdad today – Baghdad

On March 27, 2019, Hamza al-Jawahri, the oil expert, considered the proposal of the “Citizen’s Fund” bill to allocate 10% of the oil revenues to all Iraqis, in its present text, wasting oil revenues and exacerbating unemployment, which are real dangers.

“The project is important for the citizens to feel ownership of the national wealth and promote citizenship and to achieve a fair distribution of resources, but we have to review the economic and industrial and agricultural situation, as well as the amendment of its provisions because this is a waste of oil revenues.”

He suggested that this fund “to finance small and medium-sized investment projects for farmers, for example, and are supported by the Fund first knowledge, through the integration of agricultural engineers and mid-level cadres needed by any project and work on land owned by the state to pay the investment project all the amounts spent on it, After that, the entire project must be owned by its employees. ”

“In this way, it is possible to create a broad private sector of participation and to develop the fund to become larger so as to serve large productive projects to create productive sectors that generate revenues for the fund and the state,” he said.

He explained that “this fund can direct public funds towards sustainable and real development, and can contribute in the future to create new cities for workers of such projects, and such projects can contribute to the opposite migration from cities to rural and mitigation and even eliminate slums in our large cities.”

He stressed that “the survival of the project as it is, helps to exacerbate Iraqi unemployment through the disruption of Iraqi factories and the disruption of the private sector productive industrial and agricultural, and we have to consider recycling these funds at home by promoting the production of domestic industrial and agricultural, to be a citizen fund a national development fund returns to the citizen The money also went to the citizen. ”

The bloc bloc of reform and reconstruction in the House of Representatives, on Tuesday (March 26, 2019), on the proposal to the Presidency of the Parliament, to distribute 10 percent of oil money, to citizens.

The head of the bloc morning Saadi in a press conference held in the House of Representatives with the participation of deputies from various political blocs, “The deputies from various political blocs submitted to the House of Representatives proposed the law of the citizen fund.”

He explained that the proposal comes to “put 10% of the oil and distributed to citizens through a fund in the Ministry of Finance,” noting that “oil and wealth funds belong to the Iraqi people according to the Constitution and most of the money went wasteful to mismanagement.”

He added that “the victim is the citizen and money belong to the Iraqi people,” noting that “there is approval of the law of 111 deputies and all segments of the Iraqi people and all the parliamentary blocs.”

He pointed out that “there is unanimity of various political blocs on the draft law and will receive the Council’s acceptance of justice for the Iraqi people,” asserting that “Iraq has a lot of money and wealth, but mismanagement is that lost the money and must return the rights of the citizen.”