Barzani: There will be no stable Iraq without solving these two issues and the ball at Abdul Mahdi Stadium

Barzani: There will be no stable Iraq without solving these two issues and the ball at Abdul Mahdi Stadium

03.15.2019 13:42

Barzani - There will be no stable Iraq without solving these two issues and the ball at Abdul Mahdi StadiumBaghdad today – Baghdad

Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, said Friday, March 15, 2019, that reaching a stable Iraq by resolving the issue of disputed areas and dividing the revenues fairly.

“When I spoke to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, I told him that if we want to have a stable Iraq and resolve our differences, the two main issues to be addressed are revenue-sharing arrangements between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government,” Barzani said in an interview with the US news anchor Al-Mawtur. File of disputed areas. ”

“Of course there are other problems, but we need to focus on these two issues first.”

“Yes, of course, resolving these two issues will be one of my top priorities as president,” Barzani was asked if he was the person running the negotiations with Baghdad.

“Do you still believe that Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, which calls for a referendum on the disputed territories, needs implementation?” Barzani replied: “Yes, of course.”

Asked whether current Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi understood this, Barzani said, “No other politician in Iraq understands the Kurdish issue just like Mr. Abdul Mahdi.”

“Abdul Mahdi has been with us for many years, he has been with us since the 1980s, a fighter, part of the opposition, along with us, our cooperation with his fellow fighters, I have known him since I was a small friend and he is willing to deal with our problems and we sincerely hope to continue.”

“But we have been able to resolve some of our problems with the previous government … such as lifting the ban on our airspace and closing the airports,” Nechirvan Barzani said of the post-independence period, saying it was “the most difficult period we have experienced since 1991.” We have the opportunity to participate in the legislative elections. ”

He added that the elections and their results “proved that the political situation in Kurdistan and the contribution of political parties in Kurdistan is still important for Iraq, especially those who relied on the marginalization of the Kurdistan Democratic Party has proved to be wrong.”

“The truth remains that the regime in Iraq is not about one individual,” he said. “But I can say that our relationship with Baghdad is much better than it used to be.”

When asked about Kirkuk, Nezhirvan Barzani said the city was “disputed” and that means it does not belong to the federal government fully.

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, said Friday (01 March, 2019) that Baghdad deals with the Kurdistan region, as if it deals with the province and not “the province,” while he saw that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, a suitable man for the current stage.

Barzani said in a speech delivered by Interior Minister Karim Sinjari, on his behalf that “dealing with Kurdistan is not like dealing with a province, but rather dealing with a province.”

“The government should pay the owners of the capital to build their city, and the relations between all components of Iraq must be corrected in order to enhance confidence,” he said.

He saw that “Abdul-Mahdi (Prime Minister) is a man suitable for the current stage.”

He stressed: “The political forces must return to their consideration of the absence of Iraqis from the recent elections, which means the lack of confidence among citizens of the current system.”

“The Iraqi opposition ratified federalism in two foreign conferences before 2003, but unfortunately today we see that the principle of federalism has not been established in Iraq,” he said.

He continued, “Baghdad disrupt the implementation of 55 articles of the Constitution, relating to the territory, and disputed areas.”