Minister of Trade: Iraq has become an economic player with the ability and economy promising

Minister of Trade: Iraq has become an economic player with the ability and economy promising

Saturday 9 March 2019 02:17 PM

Minister of Trade - Iraq has become an economic player with the ability and economy promisingBAGHDAD / – The International Security and Defense Exhibition kicked off on Saturday at the Baghdad International Fair with the participation of 20 countries.

The Ministry of Commerce said in a statement that “the activities of the security and defense exhibition started today, on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair, with the participation of 20 countries and many political, military and economic figures.”

The ministry added that “the exhibition was attended by 120 Arab and international companies representing sectors of various military industries, and it is being held for the eighth year in a row.”

“The Iraqi Industries Company of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals presented for the first time Iraqi military production of medium military equipment, while the Interior Ministry offered Iraqi guns and communications equipment,” asserting that “the exhibition is a step towards the re-industrialization of the Iraqi military war of the front again.”

She pointed out that “the team Othman al-Ganami, Chief of Staff of the army attended the exhibition representing the Prime Minister.”

Al-Ghanami said during the opening ceremony of the exhibition that “this exhibition will be held for the first time after the victory on a razor and aims to upgrade the military establishment and to know what is happening in the world in the field of military industries.”

For his part, the Minister of Trade, Mohamed Al-Ani, that Iraq has become an economic player has the potential and economy promising to open to all, stressing the pursuit of diversifying sources of weapons and access to the techniques of war and the preparation of an effective strategy to build the military according to new concepts.

The minister said in a speech during the security and defense exhibition by the Director General of the Iraqi Exhibitions Company Hashim Sudani: “The Ministry of Commerce has the honor of all its members to attend and is pleased to participate in the special exhibition security and defense, which is hosted by the land of Baghdad International Fair and for the eighth consecutive year and comes under security and political conditions Economic conditions, conditions of stability, hope for a bright future for Iraq after the great victory achieved by the gangs of terrorist advocates, the victory achieved by the cohesion of the people with its armed forces of various types of army and federal police and popular mobilization and crowd Aryan “.

“The establishment of this exhibition this year and the international presence is a basis for a new stage that confirms the ability of Iraq and puts it at the forefront of countries that seek to build its armed forces in terms of processing and preparation of combat to meet any future challenges as well as diversification in the sources of weapons, Effective to build the military according to new concepts. ”

He added that “the countries and companies participating in the events of this exhibition have made efforts in presenting the latest defense systems and military equipment and support systems and advanced logistics and the latest military technology, which is a suitable opportunity to benefit from what serves our people and armed forces.”

Al-Ani stressed that “the victory achieved by the military and police efforts and the popular and tribal mobilization not only means liberating the land, but also confirms the cohesion of the Iraqi people and their love for a secure and stable life, stressing the ability of this indigenous people to confront the barbaric winds and rebuild their homeland With its cultural, historical and cultural heritage. ”

He pointed out that “the Ministry of Commerce has taken important steps during the period from the age of the government to implement the government program announced by the Prime Minister is reflected in the openness to the Arab and international environment and the establishment of many bilateral agreements that allow Iraq to start a new page with countries in the region and the world On the basis of common interests and the activation of economic and trade relations and invite countries and companies to contribute to investment projects to rehabilitate the infrastructure and achieve partnerships for the Iraqi private sector with peers in the countries of the region and the world.

“We have worked during this brief period to establish economic meetings that brought together Iraqi businessmen and their counterparts in different countries in order to exchange experiences and establish joint projects that allow this vital sector to contribute to the formulation of economic policy and build its own capacity after the state imposed full control over economic and commercial work “He said.

He pointed out that this exhibition is part of a comprehensive plan developed by the ministry in the establishment of specialized exhibitions in various sectors to contain and attract international companies in order to see what is happening in the huge developments witnessed by the world, an Iraqi message to the world also confirms that Iraq has become an economic player owns Power and a promising economy open to all. ”

“Your generous presence and the broad participation of international companies in this economic security event is proof of your belief in the reality of a new Iraq, Iraq which aspires to return as an effective actor in enhancing security and stability in its regional, Arab and international environment.”

He concluded by saying: “Finally, we hope that this exhibition will be an opportunity to exchange experiences between all the specialized agencies and participating companies to enhance the Iraqi government’s work in rebuilding our armed forces in accordance with the best international standards. Finished