Abdul-Mahdi “gives” Amiri full powers to “arrest” all those who offend “Badr” Vesbukia ..

Abdul-Mahdi “gives” Amiri full powers to “arrest” all those who offend “Badr” Vesbukia ..

Monday, March 04 2019 at 11:14 am

Abdul-Mahdi gives Amiri full powers to arrest all those who offend Badr VesbukiaBaghdad / Sky Press

According to the Iraqi media, the Secretary General of the Badr Organization, head of the Fatah alliance Hadi al-Amiri, the approval of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, to inform the intelligence services tracking and monitoring the transgressors against the Badr Organization of dissidents, who formed the “Badr National Movement.”

Following the previous statements from the Ministry of Communications that it is not an oversight body and its powers to track and close the pages on the social networking site “Facebook” as an international platform subject to the protection and laws of international communications, confirmed leaks, today, talking about the approval of Abdul Mahdi, And the right of Badr Organization.

The leaks revealed that Amiri gave full powers to the intelligence cell to arrest anyone found to be involved in the abuse and to the Badr Organization or any political party through social networking sites.

She also pointed out that Amiri had a promise to track the locations of those who were sent to him and his organization charges via electronic platforms; to speed up their detention.

These actions came in response to the dissident statement of the Badr Organization, who launched a movement called “Badr National Movement,” during which they said that Amiri and the leaders of the Badr Organization seized the capabilities of Iraqis in favor of Iran, as well as charges of corruption to the leaders of the organization, headed by Amiri himself.