Barham Saleh meets French President: We do not want Iraq to be a battlefield

Barham Saleh meets French President: We do not want Iraq to be a battlefield

2019/2/25 17:50

Barham Saleh meets French President - We do not want Iraq to be a battlefield(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) President Barham Salih stressed the need to work with international partners to dry out the sources of terrorism in the region.
“Iraq is about to invest, activate human development and provide stability in cooperation with the international community,” Saleh told a joint news conference with French President Emmanuel Macaron in Paris on Tuesday.
The president refused to see Iraq as a regional conflict.
“We are working to consolidate our victory over the urge to increase security momentum and achieve stability and reconstruction,” he said.
“Iraq’s success lies in reconstruction and a system of common economic interests,” he said.
“Iraq’s victory over the opening of a new page and we do not want to make Iraq the arena for regional conflicts, we want Iraq to be a yardstick of reconciliation with its neighbors, and our success in the reconstruction process will return not only to Iraq but to the whole world,”

Saleh said. Stability is known over four decades of war and other wars, but Iraqis are determined to meet the benefits of reconstruction and provide jobs and the return of security and stability again. ”

“Iraq has an ambitious economic program but needs the support of our European friends for its success and we have great confidence in the program of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to serve Iraq.”
He stressed that “Iraq will not be the arena for regional conflicts, but we want Iraq to be a yard for compatibility with its neighbors and the success of Iraq in the process of reconstruction and a new economic system will return not only to Iraq but to the whole world.”

“The political situation inside Iraq has given many indications in the achievement of power, and these have implications for the completion of state building and the achievement of security and stability again.”
Saleh announced that Iraq would try elements to support the French terrorists who have committed crimes against Iraqis.
French President Emmanuel Macaron said he would visit Iraq in the coming months as his country would participate in reconstruction efforts.

“The old friendship (between France and Iraq) was a barrier against terrorism and we should now sponsor it with concrete projects to build lasting peace together,” McCron said.

“This will be my message when I visit Iraq in a few months.”