An investigation that inflames Iraqi demands to hold Nuri al-Maliki accountable

An investigation that inflames Iraqi demands to hold Nuri al-Maliki accountable


An investigation that inflames Iraqi demands to hold Nuri al-Maliki accountableAmid Iraqi misery and popular discontent over political conflicts and rampant corruption in most parts of the country, Iraqis recalled former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after the US DailyBest recently published an investigation into his involvement and relatives in corruption deals with an American firm.
The US Justice Department is conducting an investigation with the military contracting firm, Sayleport Global Services, to make sure it has allegedly played a role in bribing Iraqi officials in exchange for extraordinary contracts, the paper said.

She added that influential individuals – including Maliki – have relations with a Kuwaiti company called “Horizons”, which allegedly sold the access and facilities of a large number of US military contracts, and the story of the company Horizons and its relations with US military contractors in Iraq came from two amounts disclosed with their information on Despite the personal danger they pose.

The verification revealed that it was able to verify the credibility of some of the allegations through documents and interviews with several people, including contractors and workers in the field of business in Iraq, who asked not to be named for fear of reaction against them.

Saliport operates military facilities in various parts of the Middle East and Central Asia, but the company’s flagship projects are at Balad Air Base, a base in northern Baghdad that includes US-funded F-16s.

In January 2014, Saliport received a contract from the Air Force to provide security support, training and security services to Al Qaeda, including essential services such as food and electricity, where Saliport received $ 1.1 billion for its services.

History of corruption
Many consider that the period of Maliki’s rule, which stretched between 2006 and 2014, Iraq is exposed to many disasters and crises, including corruption crimes cost Iraq tens of billions.

The biggest crisis witnessed by Iraq under Maliki was the control of the Islamic state organization on large parts of Iraq.

Many are demanding an investigation into the reasons for the bloody fall of the Iraqi army in that period and blame Maliki for it.

Communications activists
After the newspaper revealed the involvement of Maliki and close to him, Iraqi activists commented on Maliki and accused him of corruption.

Activist Mohammed said that Maliki was the worst dictator witnessed by Iraq, and that he came on the back of tanks “Bush”, and destroyed the country in favor of Iran.

Blogger Gamal al-Hakim described the investigation, which was revealed by the US Department of Justice, as an alarming scandal and three-sided, the first is the Saliport company, the second is Maliki and his family, and the third is Afaq.

Iraqi writer Shaho Al-Qarra Daghi questioned Maliki’s accountability for his crimes and the corruption scandals he was involved in, noting that the Daily Daily revealed that Maliki, his son and son-in-law had dealt with a company that played a role in bribing US security contracts.

He called on the Iraqi judiciary to move to punish him and others like him for their corruption so that we believe that there is an independent judiciary in Iraq.

The media confirmed Mustafa Salem that the corruption of al-Maliki resulted in the destruction of cities and thousands of martyrs, adding that the investigations of the US Justice Department indicate his involvement and his son and son-in-law deals corruption.

Source: Al Jazeera