Vice: You must bind the specific controls the banks to sell the dollar

called a member of the Finance Committee MP Mustafa Shoresh Haji, to force banks to sell the regulations set out the hard currency to prevent a repeat of smuggled abroad.

Said Haji: The conduct of the Central Bank of the last to open multiple ports for the sale of hard currency in all of Iraqi banks, will help stabilize the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, but it must be punctuated by certain controls require banks to prevent the occurrence of a currency smuggling abroad.

Noting that the central bank when allowed the Iraqi banks sell foreign currency stay with her following the specific mechanisms of how the sale, but most banks in Iraq did not comply with legal procedures and perhaps are still smuggling operations exist because of the lack of effective control by the Central Bank.

He added, should be set up monitoring committees to follow up the work of Iraqi banks in respect of sale of foreign currency to prevent the return of smuggled abroad, because it will affect the national economy and the local currency.