Deputy warns of meeting Barzani’s “three” demands during his visit to Baghdad

Deputy warns of meeting Barzani’s “three” demands during his visit to Baghdad

Saturday 24 November 2018 12:19 pm

Deputy warns of meeting Barzanis three demands during his visit to BaghdadBAGHDAD / The governor of the province of Nineveh Haneen Qaddu, Saturday, the implementation of three demands by the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani in Baghdad, what he described as unconstitutional.

“We welcome Massoud Barzani’s visit to Baghdad to improve relations with the federal government and reach understandings within the framework of the Iraqi constitution for the benefit of the people of Kurdistan in particular and the security and stability of Iraq in general,” Qaddu said in a statement.

He pointed out that “with all demands Barzani, which came in the provisions of the Iraqi constitution, and all claims and conditions that are not specified in the Iraqi constitution, we reject and will not accept them,” noting that the first requirement of Barzani on the implementation of “Article (140), is a constitutional article and respect them, but the implementation of these The article needs to be amended because its application is conditional on a specific period of time (December 31, 2007). It also refers to the city of Kirkuk exclusively and the areas where there has been a demographic change. ”

Qaddo asked: “What are these areas and who has the authority to designate those areas where there was a demographic change in the era of the former regime, and what about the areas where there was a demographic change after the fall.”

“The second requirement for Barzani is to demand the return of the Peshmerga (Kurdistan region) to Kirkuk and other areas according to the conditions of the Kurdistan Regional Government, which are illegal demands. Article 121 of the Iraqi Constitution defines the duties of the Peshmerga guards to preserve the security of the province exclusively” .

He said that “the formation of the province’s guards is the province’s jurisdiction and not the jurisdiction of the federal government, and this means that the provincial government is responsible for paying dues and salaries of the Peshmerga.”

With regard to the requirement to determine the proportion of 17% of the budget for the Kurdistan region, Qado said that “this is inconsistent with the criteria for the distribution of financial resources according to the degree of deprivation and the proportion of the population of each province in accordance with the Iraqi constitution.”

He called on the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to resolve the problems existing between the federal government and the region in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and away from imposing dictates and wills outside the Constitution in the service of security and stability, as he put it. Finished