Siemens chief German: Trump denied us the deal of electricity Iraq

Siemens chief German: Trump denied us the deal of electricity Iraq


Siemens chief German - Trump denied us the deal of electricity IraqGermany’s chief executive, Joe Keizer, said Trump had played a role in trying to derail the German company’s deal with the Iraqi government and pushing for the full deal to be awarded to US General Electric.

Kaiser said in an exclusive interview with Deutsche Welle on Thursday that US President Donald Trump had put great pressure on Iraqis to give US General Electric a deal to develop the electricity sector in Iraq.

He pointed out that the German company recently signed a memorandum of understanding to develop the electricity sector in Iraq.

“It is clear that there are extraordinary forces involved in the deal,” he said. “Siemens has enormous power in the United States, employing 60,000 people and indirectly creating another 150,000. So we are also an American company, and I think we deserve it. Respect and equality in the workplace “.

The agreement was signed on the Iraqi side by Minister of Electricity Qassem Mohammed Al-Fahdawi and Siemens Chairman Joe Keizer, who then chanted: “This is a milestone on the new Iraq road, where we signed an agreement of understanding with the Iraqi government to explore how to implement the roadmap. To every home, job creation, health care, skills development and more. “Our commitment to the Iraqi people has not diminished.”

Earlier, the Iraqi Electricity Ministry announced two separate agreements with Siemens and GE to develop the country’s electric power sector.

The agreement aims to solve the electricity crisis in Iraq through contracts and agreements that will be developed later with the aim of rehabilitating generating units and converting others into complex cycles, as well as the processing of new generation plants for the production of electric power and other transformational stations of different capacities in selected sites, .

Iraq’s electricity production and distribution sector has been plagued by major problems for more than 15 years.

The exports of Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, were affected by the trade war and trapping of Trump. Exports fell unexpectedly in September, with a weak end for the third quarter, which saw an economic recession for the first time in almost three years.