Newspaper: Abdul Mahdi is about to submit an incomplete government within 3 days

Newspaper: Abdul Mahdi is about to submit an incomplete government within 3 days

Tue, 16 Oct 2018 14:47:20

Newspaper - Abdul Mahdi is about to submit an incomplete government within 3 daysInformed sources said on Tuesday that Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi is about to submit an incomplete government to the political blocs within three days.

The newspaper “Asharq Al-Awsat” quoted those sources as saying, in a press statement, today, October 16, 2018, that “the reason for the incomplete government formation is due to the contradiction between the vision of Abdul Mahdi and his desire to move towards the selection of new ministers, and the will of many of the blocks To maintain some of the old faces, claiming their success during the tenure of the ministry, or working to provide candidates for the Prime Minister agreed, including those who entered through the electronic window.

The former deputy of Anbar province, Kamel al-Dulaimi, that nominated himself through the electronic window for the post of Minister of Defense, was accepted within the 601 candidates accepted by the Office of Abdul Mahdi, adding that “his candidacy for this position was based on two issues: the first is the request of one of the blocks to forward I am a former Iraqi Army officer with a team rank, a doctorate in Arab and international media. In the past I have been nominated twice for this position, but I always get deals behind the scenes. Remove me “.

Dulaimi said, “I have been informed by the Office of Abdul Mahdi to accept my papers within the accepted, the number of 601 candidates, among the more than 36 thousand candidates, and is supposed to initiate specialized committees to interview us to choose who is selected,” noting that ” Mahdi to provide a ministerial lineup is a shock to the parliament, so that in the case of embarrassment, because Abdul Mahdi today has the support of the Iraqi street seeking reform and change, and therefore the Prime Minister if he continued to satisfy the political blocs it will not succeed, and thus will not conclude his long and long history of Consistent with the weight of this history. ”

The leader of the Arab project, Omar al-Hamiri, a candidate for one of the ministries within the quotas of the Sunni component, he stressed that “the agreement within the national axis is not to be a deputy among the candidates for the post of minister, because we want to separate completely between the parliamentary work, which is the legislation and oversight, The government, and therefore those who won the deputies within the project have to implement the project that they promised people, at the time we bring the ministers of technocrats from outside the parliament. ”

“The Sunni component calls for ministries, finance, defense, agriculture, education, women, labor, social affairs and communications,” he said.

The Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi, continues consultations with leaders of political blocs, on the formation of the next government, where he still has two weeks to submit his government to Parliament to gain confidence.