A former deputy reveals the “Barzani plan” to subdue the next prime minister in two stages

A former deputy reveals the “Barzani plan” to subdue the next prime minister in two stages

2018/09/27 14:32

A former deputy reveals the Barzani plan to subdue the next prime minister in two stagesBaghdad today – Baghdad

The former member of the House of Representatives, Abdul Rahman al-Lweizi, on Thursday (September 27, 2018), what he called “plan” the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, which he said comes in two stages, to subject the next Iraqi government to his will.

“Many Iraqis believe that the post of president is a charismatic position,” he said. “Why should competition between the Kurdish parties become so fierce that they threaten the unity of their alliance?”

“The fact that there are two serious powers to the President of the Republic, one contributed to the exclusion of Nuri al-Maliki in 2014, and deprivation of the third mandate, through the letter of mandate granted by President Fuad Masum to Dr. Haider Abadi at the expense of al-Maliki.”

He continued: “This is stipulated in Article 76 / I, of the Iraqi Constitution, which provides for the President of the Republic, the candidate of the parliamentary bloc the most numerous, the formation of the Council of Ministers, within fifteen days from the date of the election of the President of the Republic.

He added: “The second authority, which is no less dangerous than the first, is the provisions of Article 61 / VIII / 1 of the Constitution, which states that the President of the Republic to request the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.

He pointed out that “this paragraph means that the President of the Republic, at any time he wishes, to submit a request to the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister without being accompanied by the request to provide evidence or Asanid, or requires that the support of a certain number of members of the House of Representatives, Is the case in the subject of questioning and all that this road needs, to overthrow the government is the vote of the Council to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister by an absolute majority of the number of members.

He pointed out that “it will not be difficult under the Shiite division to achieve that majority, especially if Barzani decided to organize to it and succeeded in procuring some of the infidels and aspirants.”

The former MP, said that “this authority was prevented from using the nomadic president Jalal Talabani, rejecting a request made by Barzani during Maliki’s second term, when he ran a project to withdraw confidence from al-Maliki on the background of the failure to implement the latter terms of agreement signed between the parties, , Against a set of conditions contained in the document, which was later leaked to the media, which included three key conditions.

In terms of Barzani’s view, including the disputed areas, the law of the oil and gas law means that from Barzani’s point of view he legislates in a way that legitimizes the theft of oil, as well as paying the Peshmerga’s dues in a manner that does not make them subject to the command of the general commander Of the armed forces “.

“If Barzani is able to face this government in the face of a government that may be formed by a simple majority and liable to fall at any moment by the opposition, Barzani will have a big stick in his hand and will be an important guarantee to fulfill his wishes and requirements, “Noting that” this is the secret in the fight Barzani on this post. ”

“If he succeeds in winning this site, then his plan will be in two stages. The first is to use the authority of the president of the republic to grant the letter of commission, given the fact that the issue of the largest bloc is not resolved at least legally. , Allowing him to impose his conditions, even if Barzani received the pledges he wants.

He concluded by saying: “The role of the second authority, which is the power to request the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the government, in the event of failure to implement the demands and requirements of course, and if the late Talabani has prevented the day, to provide him with this book will not delay Dr. Fouad Hussein this time in issuing this If Barzani ordered him to do so. ”

The Kurdistan Democratic Party, announced on Sunday (September 23, 2018), the nomination of Fouad Hussein officially for the presidency of the republic, stressing that “very confident of Hussein’s capabilities, and convinced that he will perform his duties to the fullest and will be keen on the interests of the people of Kurdistan and Iraq in all its components.”

Fuad Hussein, a Kurdish villain from the city of Khanaqin, a former member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Association, and head of the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, has lived in Baghdad, and does not belong to any political party now.

The Kurdish parties did not agree on a joint candidate for the post, after returning to the ranks of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Union had announced earlier the nomination of Barham Saleh for the post of President of the Republic of Iraq.

Under an unofficial tradition of power sharing in Iraq, the presidency of Iraq belongs to the Kurds and the prime minister from the share of Shiites, while the presidency of parliament for the Sunnis.