Dawa Party publishes an urgent statement on its internal situation and the “rivalry” of Abadi and Maliki

Dawa Party publishes an urgent statement on its internal situation and the “rivalry” of Abadi and Maliki

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 10:37 am

Dawa Party publishes an urgent statement on its internal situation and the rivalry of Abadi and MalikiBaghdad / Sky Press

The deployment of leaders in the Islamic Dawa Party, an urgent statement explaining the internal situation of the party, during the recent period.
Sheikh al-Zuhairi, Abu Montar Tariq and Abu Jaafar al-Rikabi issued a statement to Sky Press. “We write to you in these critical moments that our dear country is passing through, and it is meant to be forgotten and forgotten by its children. The sedition of the two lists, whose details and particulars have been lived out and ended with an agreement signed by all its leaders, that the party should supervise the lists and unite after the elections. ”

The three leaders added: “You know that you deliberately do not allow the party to fully supervise the procedures of the two lists. The Brotherhood went in two different ways since the point of separation by the decision to register with two lists. After the election results, the leadership held a meeting in al-Maliki’s house and another in the house of Abbadi. Abadi refused and reiterated that he did not sign the decision to merge the two blocs and not a candidate for the Dawa Party in the elections.

“The party decided not to go any single list in its alliances, and at the initiative of Sheikh Zuhairi was a meeting in the house of Sheikh Zuhairi attended by the Brotherhood and Hadi Amiri was intended to hold an alliance between the three lists and then move to form a larger alliance, but unfortunately Abadi described The meeting as a dinner invitation, but we worked calmly but unswervingly and unceasingly for the implementation of the agreement to merge the two lists to deny our covenant, which we signed before the preachers and in front of the call.

The three leaders pointed out that “they were accepted with shyness from one of the brothers and refused to cut off the other brother, and the brother of the law went to the conquest and walked the brother of victory behind the others, and we go to our brother this time and go back to the second again for rapprochement and docking and give us to the alliance between them We find a listening ear, especially from the brother of the slaves and things are what we are now, and agreed the opponents of politics (conquest and others) on the parts of the brothers of advocacy and jihad victory and law.

They confirmed that they “were self-assured that Abadi after he realized in recent weeks the impossibility of his candidacy from all parties, including others, to assess the status of the call and preachers and withdraw his candidacy and announce his alliance with the law to support the call a large bloc of nearly 70 seats will be effective influential in the Iraqi political scene both The executive and legislative and calculated for her in the negotiation marathon, but seemed without the cartography of the dead as was the substance of his answer to us hours before the writing of this clarification.

They pointed out that “it must be noted that many lovers of the call and political and social forces were waiting for the preachers to resolve their position to get together until the stage of the new government map accordingly, but did not get until we entered now another stage do not know the seriousness of the negative repercussions on the call and preachers, There is no doubt that the repercussions are very dangerous, as you are not aware of. ”

The statement of the three leaders concluded by saying: “We put in your hands the full picture after the leadership failed, but was unable to reach its goal of uniting the two lists. Therefore, we call for convening a meeting of the Shura Council and convening an urgent conference to call the names that attended the previous conference after deleting the cutters, On all the requirements of the conference. ”