Sadr Alliance: Maliki and al – Amiri will not form the largest bloc

Sadr Alliance: Maliki and al – Amiri will not form the largest bloc .. We are closer to the Sunnis and Kurds and this is the date of their announcement

2018/08/21 15:44 1856

Sadr Alliance - Maliki and al - Amiri will not form the largest blocBaghdad today – Baghdad

The alliance of Suron, backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Tuesday, 21 August 2018, near the success of his efforts and negotiations to announce the largest bloc, which will form the next Iraqi government.

The leader of the coalition, Ayman al-Shammari, told “Baghdad today” that “the talk of the Axis (Fatah – the state of law), about their ability to form the largest bloc is inaccurate and comes within the media war is not only, so far the Kurdish and Sunni forces did not resolve the order to join” “Pointing out that” the alliance is going to have sub-committees now dialogue Kurdish and Sunni forces and dialogues are very positive, and they are very close to us, especially that there is a convergence of views in a lot of important files. ”

Al-Shammari said that “after the announcement of the nucleus of the largest bloc by (Suron – wisdom – victory – national), it means that the issue of the largest bloc settled for this axis, which will form, and will be the announcement of the largest bloc after the Eid, there are dialogues are underway to join new forces “He said.

Badouh Al-Fateh alliance, led by Hadi al-Amiri, revealed Tuesday (August 21, 2018) the date of announcing the largest bloc, noting that he has completed many consultations with his allies in the past 24 hours.

The leader of the coalition, Mahmoud al-Rubaie, told (Baghdad today) that “the conquest embraced a meeting in the house of its leader Hadi al-Amiri on Monday, August 20, 2018 with the rest of the partners and was the formation of committees to write the internal system of the largest bloc and the purpose of unifying the government program,” adding that ” Is now working on the preparation of the rules of procedure and the government program is (Fatah – the rule of law – the national axis – the Kurdish parties – a large part of the coalition of victory).

On Monday, August 20, 2018, an informed source revealed a meeting at the home of the leader of the Fatah alliance, Hadi al-Amiri, to resolve the formation of the largest bloc.

The source said in an interview with Baghdad today, “The meeting took place in the house of the leader of the Conquest Alliance, Hadi al-Ameri in Baghdad, to resolve the agreement on the formation of the largest bloc,” noting that “the meeting included delegations from the coalition of state law, conquest, victory, Babylon, “He said.

The source, who asked not to be named, said that “the delegation of the national axis included Mohammed Halbusi, Falah al-Zaidan, Ahmed Abu Risha,” noting that “the delegation of the victory coalition included both Faleh al-Fayadh and Rashid al-Azzawi.”

The source revealed that “the meeting witnessed the agreement on the formation of the first two committees write the rules of procedure of the alliance, and the second write the program of the Iraqi state,” pointing out that “the coalition will include 210 deputies, (axis 54, Fatah and Fatah some deputies 62, Nasr 20, Law 27, To the Kurds with 47 seats. ”

The lists that led the legislative elections seek to attract the rest of the parties in an effort to form the largest bloc in preparation for nominating a candidate for the presidency of the next government, especially after the announcement of the Federal Supreme Court, yesterday, its ratification on the final results of the elections of the House of Representatives, after checking all the names received from the Electoral Commission for elections .