The official announcement at the Babylon Hotel about the catastrophic failure of the Saudi American train

The official announcement at the Babylon Hotel about the catastrophic failure of the Saudi American train, and tomorrow may be the day of the announcement of the largest bloc

Posted, 2018-08-20

The official announcement at the Babylon Hotel about the catastrophic failure of the Saudi American trainInformed sources told the news agency Bratha that talk about the formation of a larger block at the meeting of the Babylon Hotel was the purpose of intimidation because it is a meeting between the forces do not have any rectifier for the number that qualifies it to reach a number of reliable in this area,

The sources said that the origin of the talk about the nucleus of the formation of the largest bloc himself was a reflection of the lack of confidence of the existing ability to reach it, and it is clear that many of the blocks that announced their participation were the remains of blocks or is originally not the right number, talk about victory was a sense of existence 42 deputies, but the fact that the victory left only a group of Abadi and Adnan al-Zarafi and a few members after the withdrawal of at least 28 deputies with the presence of a number of others did not participate in the meeting of Babylon.

And the announcement of the participation of the national does not talk about the vast majority abandoned the national left of them only the name and a few deputies.

The talk that the Kurds will participate in it has hidden that the most important Kurdish forces will not participate with them and informed them that the Kurdish strategic option is with the Shiite majority, which was diagnosed in the other coalition.

These sources said that the number of participants in Babylon is not more than 92 deputies, and some of them, including Abadi himself, sent to the other coalition that, despite their participation, they will participate with the largest bloc to be announced tomorrow.

On the other hand, a strategic expert asked by the news agency Bratha not to be named that the failure of the Babylon meeting is an official announcement of the failure of the Saudi-US train to hold the initiative in Iraq failure, and that failure has confirmed that the chances of Abbadi for the second mandate slipped to the lowest levels “All indications are that the road is clearly open for the other train to advance in this area,” he said. “Iraq should expect a new prime minister to come, stressing that Abbadi has lost the Dawa Party’s chance to hold power in Iraq after four election rounds.”

A source familiar with the opening in a communication conducted by the news agency Beratha on Saturday evening that all the requirements for the announcement of the formation of the largest bloc tomorrow has stalled despite the enormous pressure placed by the US envoy and the former Saudi ambassador to some parties so as not to organize the new alliance and hinted that the number of mass “Some of them tried hard to secure a presidential position in the new alliance to join the new bloc, which was rejected by the main parties for reasons of preserving the unity Within the new alliance.

“The source said he was not surprised if they would be part of an alliance tomorrow, which will include the conquest and the rule of law and the majority of the victory if not all of them in addition to the Kurdish parties and Sunni forces, the leadership of the coalition to be announced tomorrow will have long dialogue with others and slaves and was closer with others ..