Report: slip of the tongue of Abbadi removed from the second state and Tehran will not forgive him

Report: slip of the tongue of Abbadi removed from the second state and Tehran will not forgive him

August 18, 2018 – 8:08

Report - slip of the tongue of Abbadi removed from the second state and Tehran will not forgive himSumer News:
The Iraqi politician familiar with the atmosphere of political dialogues that the statements of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the position of Iraq from the US sanctions imposed on Iran may have toppled the last hope for a second mandate despite the resulting clarification did not convince neither the Iranian side nor its opponents at home who found This statement is aimed at deepening the dispute with the Iranians .

“Iraq does not sympathize with the US sanctions imposed on Iran, but it will commit itself to protect its interests,” Abadi said at a press conference two weeks ago.

While Tehran expressed its displeasure at this position expressed by Abadi in the light of the policy of escalation taken by the Iranian leader Ali Khamenei to Washington, the clarification issued by the Information Office of Abadi came as an explanation for the Prime Minister.

The statement says that «Iraq’s attitude towards these sanctions was not improvised or hasty, but was subjected to a study and calculations of interest to Iraq and the Iraqis, and was not affected by the positions of other States or political parties are certain».

He added that «the Iraqi government can not take any position can not be consistent with the interests of the Iraqi people, and therefore the commitment to US sanctions on Iran came from this interest ».

With the escalation of the political and media campaign of Iran and Iraq against Abadi, which appeared to be of clear political direction, Abadi had to retreat from the position he expressed, which looked like a slip of the tongue.

At his next press conference last Tuesday, he said that “the government’s commitment to the issue of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not to deal with the dollar and not to comply with US sanctions.” He added that «the Iraqi government will refuse to use its territory in the implementation of any aggression against neighboring countries ».

However, the Iraqi political source who spoke, asking not to mention his name or description, believes that «what was issued by Abadi hurt so much to the extent that it may be taken out of the balance equation within the Shiite house to run for prime minister, as the prime minister who is Representative of one of the five Shiite blocs must be satisfactory by Iran or not intersect with it ».

In response to a question on whether the Iranian role is still effective in the formation of the Iraqi government, says the Iraqi politician that «Iran still has an important role in parallel with the American role, which grew a lot during this time under President Donald Trump, especially in light of escalating differences with Iran .

As for whether Abadi is supported by Iran at a time when he enjoys US support or perhaps America’s only choice in Iraq, the Iraqi politician says that “Abadi and before his statement, which is a personal disaster for him and not just slip of tongue was supported by the Iranians because he did not intersect with him throughout his reign Despite the independence that he worked on, including openness to everyone at home and to the brothers and neighbors abroad and was one of the points of understanding possible between the Americans and Iranians if the consensus was even remotely on the person of the Prime Minister », stressing that« the Iranians have been hostile that what was issued by Abadi was stab In the back it is hard to They are forgiven him . »

On the political and media campaign at home against Abadi from parties close to Iran, the Iraqi politician believes that «this campaign has its objectives separate from the Iranian goal, in that it seeks to pour more oil on the fire so there is no future understanding between Abadi and the Iranians on his comments on sanctions .