Iraqi leader Badash reveals the last scenes of al-Baghdadi: become a thin and white beard!

Iraqi leader Badash reveals the last scenes of al-Baghdadi: become a thin and white beard!

Saturday 18 August 2018 at 15:46 PM

Iraqi leader Badash reveals the last scenes of al-Baghdadi - become a thin and white beardBaghdad / Sky Press

The Wall Street Journal published new information about the leader of the organization “Daqash” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in his hiding place in the Syrian Badia, stating that he was very thin and whitened his beard.
The newspaper obtained information from an Iraqi leader in the organization, Ismail al-Hithawi, currently imprisoned in Iraq after his arrest in Turkey, which was arrested by intelligence agencies and handed over to Baghdad.
The newspaper interviewed al-Hithawi, a 47-year-old Islamic jurisprudent, in his prison. He reported that he was responsible for preparing curricula at the Islamic Institute of the organization in the Syrian city of Raqqa. He met al-Baghdadi in his hideout in May 2017, Stressing that he was close to the decision-making, but was not part of it.
Meeting Location

Regarding the meeting place, he said that in the Syrian desert it is a desert location close to the city of Al-Mayadeen. The arrival there took a full day. It was punctuated by complicated security procedures. The guards took away the participants from the meeting with watches and pens. Pursue them.

The meeting, according to al-Hithawi, was limited to the organization’s senior leaders. Baghdadi then sat at the end of the room and spoke in a low voice with two of the organization’s leaders, who were reviewing the latest military developments.

“His voice was loud,” he said, accusing them of being rude with incompetence. He pointed out that the two men had been removed from the leadership council at the end of the meeting.

On his impression of al-Baghdadi, al-Haythawi said he was shocked by the deterioration of his health, noting that he was “very thin, and his beard became whiter.”

When the research turned to the three-hour meeting of curriculum subjects at the schools of the organization, he said that the curriculum was considered “immoral in his academy” and rejected.

Al-Haythawi said the research then focused on whether the families of fighters should be evacuated from targeted areas in order to avoid unnecessary loss of life. He was a proponent of evacuation.

Doubt his loyalty

Al-Haythawi pointed out that al-Baghdadi was the first to leave the meeting after his conclusion. He said security officials in the organization had arrested him when they were out and subjected him to questioning for “questioning their allegiance” and his influence on the families of the members of the organization.

He said they were released a few weeks later, and that he fled to Turkey with his wife and daughter, where he was arrested after crossing the border.

On the interview arrangements, the Wall Street Journal reporter reported that al-Haythawi was brought in for an Iraqi blindfolded man wearing a sports suit while his hands were handcuffed.

The Wall Street Journal quoted an Iraqi security official that the information obtained by the authorities from al-Haythawi, including his meeting with al-Baghdadi, facilitated the detection of other targets, and shed more light on the behavior of their leaders and their thinking and ethics.

“We had information about the deterioration of the health situation of Baghdadi and the testimony of al-Hithawi came to confirm it.”

On August 13, 2018, an Iraqi security source revealed that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Da’ash organization, was clinically dead after being hit by an Iraqi airstrike, while the organization nominated Abu Osman al-Tunisi as his successor.